Facts about Kimberley Scott Mathers

Kim is Eminem;s ex wife and the mom of his daughter Hailie Jade.
Their relationship has always been complicated, it the kind of love-hate relationship that is always on and off again. They were both unable to live together, but their couldn’t live with each other either…
Debbie has accepted Kim like her own daughter in her house, because Kim had been kicked out from her house by her alcoholic parents. She used to live at Debbie’s home as Marshall’s foster sister. She first couldn’t stand Marshall, they used to fight like brother and sister, but suddenly became inseparable.
In 1995, Kim got pregnant from Marshall and gave birth to their daughter Hailie Jade.
It is Hailie who gave Marshall the courage to fight for his dreams and also to take his responsibilities as a father. He wanted to be different from his own father.
He used to work very hard at Gilberts’ Lodge during this period.
His life in the neighborhood was really bad. Their appartement was visited very often and stolen.
Their couple life started to become very hard in December 1996 when Eminem was fired from Gilbert’s Lodge for his absences. He was unable to feed his family and Kim simply left him. According to her, a man has to take financial care of his girlfriend or wife. That’s what we could call a ‘dependant woman’.
During the night Kim left him, Eminem wrote ‘Rock Bottom’ and attempted suicide.Fortunately , he survived to his suicide.
Kim used to forbid him to see Hailie. One day, he went to his stepfather’s home to see Hailie, but he pulled out a gun and told Marshall: ‘You are no good. I don’t wanna see you again or I’ll kill you.’
Kim was using Hailie as a weapon and Marshall was suffering from the situation.Once he told Kim he was going to take Hailie to a fast food, but he took her to the studio and used her voice in the ‘Bonnie and Clyde 97’ song. He uses Hailie’s voice and talks about murdering Kim.But the hidden message behind ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ is an expression of love. It was just another way to tell Kim to come back to him.
People who are shocked by the lyrics of this song seem to forget that Kim was Marshall’s first love.Eminem himself expressed it very well : ‘Me and Kim, we been through our dramas and shit, but I’ve been bald-faced lying if I said I don’t love her or I’m with her because of my daughter. I’m with her, ’cause I really wanna be with her. I love that girl, man. I really do.”
On June the 14th 1999, Eminem married Kim, but he filed divorce one year later because he saw another man ‘John Guerra- kissing his wife.This event could have cost the famous rapper his career, because he pointed an unloaded pistol on him. Kim pretended that this kiss was innocent.Who is going to believe her? The kiss John Guerra gave to Kim seems to be a rather intimate kiss…John Guerra admitted it.
In July 2000, during Eminem’s ‘Up In Smoke Tour’, Kim attempted suicide. She tried to slit her wrists with a razor.She felt humiliated, because Eminem was using a naked doll on stage that was called ‘Kim’. She also filed a 10 Million dollars lawsuit against her husband for defamation.
Kim has shown some instability in her behavior after her suicide attempt.
After visiting a nightclub she fought with her twin sister Dawn. The Detroit police accused her of hitting her sister in the head and in the face.
Kim also seems to have some cocaine addiction problems.She was found twice in possession of cocaine betweeen 2001 and 2003.
In her relationship to Marshall, Kim’s problem has always been to share her husband with the whole world. Nobody could blame her for that, but rather on the fact that she always broke up with her husband when he was financially down or facing some personal difficulties.
We may doubt her sincerity, because she always comes back when Eminem is wealthy and successful.
Eminem’s divorce was finalised in 2001.Both share the legal custody of Hailie Jade, a joint custody Marshall had to fight for, because Kim wanted to prove Marshall was unable to raise Hailie.
The recent events (Kim facing drug possession problems) have rather shown her weakness and instability , again. This might compromise her chances to avoid a jail sentence and to be judged as a decent mom.
During his Anger Management Tour in June 2003 , Eminem came back to Detroit on a private jet to ask the Court for Hailie’s full custody, because he knew Kim had been arrested for cocaine possession and he was worried about Hailie landing in a foster family.
Since his probation period, Eminem has shown much more stability for the love of a little girl, ‘the only lady he adores, Hailie.’

A Shady Mom

A Shady mom : Debbie Mathers
Every Eminem listener knows that he hates his mom. Some people don’t understand why the famous rapper expresses so much hatred about his own mom.
Debbie Mathers seems to have a complex personality.She has abused her son emotionaly, verbally and even physically. She is a sick person who used to suffer from Munchhausen’s syndrome (…victim of Munchausen’s syndrome, my whole life I was made to believe I was sick when I wasn’t /till I grew up). This line from ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ defines Debbie’s sickness.
What is exactly ‘Munchhausen’s syndrome’ ? It’s a kind of psychological illness that was discovered in 1977. A person with Munchausen’s syndrome gives fake symptoms of illness and insists on the fact she is sick. This kind of sickness (which is Debbie’s case) can also take the form of child abuse ( the mother uses the child’s fake sickness to gain attention: this particular kind of desease is called Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy.
The mother makes her kid believe that he,s sick and convinces him to take some medication which creates other symptoms like vomiting for instance.
Debbie Briggs Mathers is the first to make a drug addict of her own son.
Eminem had to testify against her in Court and he shares his statements in an interview given to the ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine:
‘In Court I had to testify against her. Nate who was 9 at this time was too scared to testify against his mom. His mom made him believe he was an hyperactive kid and that hje was suffering from ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ . My mother said I was a hyper kid and I wasn’t, he said. She put me on Ritalin.’
Debbie who pretends that she still loves her sons and that she suffers a lot from his rejection also filed a 10 Million dollars lawsuit against him for defamation in June 1999 because on the verses of the song ‘My Name Is’: ‘I just found out my mom does more dope than I do’.
He jokes about in his song ‘Marshall Mathers’:’My fucking bitch mom is suing lme for 10 Million : she must want a dollar for every pill I’ve been stealing/ Shit where the fuck do you think I picked the habit/All I had was to go in her room and lift a mattress.’
But the whole story started with the interview Eminem gave in the Source Magazine called ‘fear of a white rapper’ where the rapper relates many facts about his childhood.
As we know, there is no defamation in telling the truth. That’s exactly what Eminem points out in the same interview:’As bizarre as my shit might be, it’s still the reflection of the truth. When I say my mom does more dope than me, people I’m just craking jokes, but that shit is real. It’s part of my childhood. 100 % fucking true.’
Of course Debbie denies his allegations. But for Eminem , truth always matters. He is well known for always speaking his mind.
There are hidden reasons for Debbie’s lawsuit , but we can guess them easily. Filing a lawsuit is a good way to make dollars the good old American way.
Marshall also declined an out of Court offer to settle a 10 Million dollars lawsuit for 2 Million dollars. It shows how much she was in need of money.
Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, managed to prove the authenticity of Eminem’s allegations.
Later on , Debbie filed another lawsuit for 1 Million dollars because her son said ‘She does have no leg to stand on (in her defamation suit) and she’s looking for things I say in my interviews to help her.’
Debbie is also known as a ‘bingo addict’.
She also wants a lot of publicity. She released a record ( a three song CD) with X-ID where she addresses an open letter to her son .It is called ‘ Dear Marshall’:
dear *Marshall*,
I just wanna start out by saying
I still love you
even when i was pregnant with you
it was very hard for me
so many times of torture was worth every minute of it
cuz wen i looked in to those big blue eyes
this was the first time i had ever felt true love
in my whole life
we have a problem marshall
the past 2 years..something really went wrong
i was so excited about your success yet so let down by your
playing the role of both mum & dad must of taken a toll on you
more then i ever imagined
*marshall* i did the best i could
i went without seeking half
it was rong of me and i see it now as giving you everything
and never questioning ne thing you eva did
as you were perfect in my eyes
my unconditional love created a spoiled young man
an angry one too
now before god and every1 i must apologise cuz at the time
i thought it was the right thing to do
im torchered daily *Marshall* by people always asking me where
such an angry young man ………………..
being the only role model in your life, of course they’re gonna
blame me
the demeanin me needs to stop and i speak 4 lots of mothers
the words really hurt and they cut like a knife
but theres no way to mend a bleedin heart
if not 4my frenz who ave been there for me and yes
*marshall* they really truely care
i pray some day your not going to be alone and you’ll ave frenz like
me…..and they wont be there just for your fame
and no more attacks on me
and vicious acts of heat cuz it really hurts
will the real Marshall Mathers please stand up?
and take responsibility 4his actions
and im gonna close this *marsh* by saying
its not too late for change
and always sincerely your mother
It sounds like a comedy knowing so many facts about Debbie.
When Marshall was a little boy, she used to treat him so badly.Once she came back home, and for no appearant reasons, she hit him, spat at his face, calling him ‘little bastard’.
Debbie has deeply hurt her son, what does she expect from him in return.
The worst sentence she has ever said to her son can be found in ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ : ‘Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me’.
This sentence is killing love forever.
In the ‘Sally Raphael Show’, Debbie said that her son Marshall has been told by managers what to write in his songs and that his rage is just artistic expression.
People who know Eminem as an artist also know that he is not a commercial rapper . He has enough money and he doesn’t need to dis his own mom for recognition.
Debbie claims to be a good mom, but many other facts are talking against her.
When she left Marshall Mathers Jr, she didn’t spend his early years with Marshall. In fact, Eminem’s great aunt from Missouri, Edna Swartz, was taking care of him.
Debbie is also known for her instable relationships to men. She was dating many men. She’s been married four times.
Don De Marc, her former boyfriend says: ‘She complained of headaches, backaches and toothaches, she always seemed to be in pain. She was always looking for pain pills.’ He also insists on her irrational character.
Nate is Eminem’s half brother.He’s been placed in a foster family for one year, because Debbie was abusive towards him.
Fred J. Samra (Nate’s Dad) also expressed about her :’She is lying about drugs and stuff, I won’t say any more.You would not believe the shit he( Marshall) has been through.
One of Debbie’s former husbands, Berger Olsen Au Gres remembers the time he was married to Debbie: ‘She was throwing him of the house all the time. I remeber Marshall telling her : ‘I want to do my rap, and when I do, I’m going to do all about you.’
Marshall Mathers is lucky to have found some consolation in his music , even if he is still hurt from his horrible past. His music helps a lot of kids who come from broken homes to overcome their problems. ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ is a real therapy for kids from dysfunctional families.
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

Trouble for Kim


ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. ‘ A judge issued a bench warrant today for Eminem’s ex-wife after she missed two court appearances in a cocaine possession case.
Kimberly Mathers is accused of possessing up to 25 grams of cocaine, driving with a suspended licence and unsafe driving near a stopped emergency vehicle. She was expected to stand trial next month.
Mathers, 28, failed to appear Monday at her arraignment in Macomb County Circuit Court, Assistant Prosecutor David Portuesi said. The judge gave her until this morning to appear, then issued a bench warrant when she failed to show up.
Portuesi said he didn’t know where Mathers was. A telephone message was left at the office of her lawyer, Michael Smith of Sterling Heights.
The former wife of the Grammy-winning rapper has been free on bond since her June 10 arrest. She’s also under a judge’s orders to be tested for drugs every two weeks.
Police probably wouldn’t search for Mathers, Portuesi said. Prosecutors could charge her with absconding while on bond or contempt of court, but that was also unlikely, he said.
St. Clair Shores police say an officer stopped Mathers after she allegedly failed to properly merge with other cars before a construction barricade and steer clear of a police car. After arresting her on the driving charges, police said they found cocaine on her and in the car.
Mathers and the rap star, whose legal name is Marshall Mathers III, married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. They have a daughter together, Hailie Jade.
Eminem has rapped in his songs about killing his ex-wife. In ’97 Bonnie and Clyde

Eminem’s surprise birthday

At Monday 20th October, 2003, Posted by Emil
Eminem was speechless for once when mates threw him a surprise birthday party. The rapper turned 31 last week so his sidekick and best mate Proof organised a treat for him.
My source in Detroit explained: “Proof took Eminem to his favourite club and told him his arch-enemy Canibus was waiting to battle him on stage.
“Em got really hyped up and was eyeballing Canibus.
“But then Proof got up and revealed the guy was actually just a look-a-like.”
Em has re-named the rapper “Canabitch”. They hate each other. But the best was yet to come.
A flabbergasted Eminem stood back as rap vets Big Daddy Kane and Doug E Fresh leapt up and performed a suprise birthday gig. My source said: “These guys are giants in the rap world. They are Eminem’s idols and he was lost for words.”
Em has reunited two other hip hop heavyweights by producing “Runnin (Dyin’ To Live)” featuring the deceased Tupac and B.I.G. for MTV movie “Tupac Resurrection”.
Source: D12World

Why Eminem’s voice matters

Despite the fact Eminem has constantly been attacked by conservative people for downgrading society’s values and for being a perfect nihilist, his voice goes straight to the heart of the underprivileged of the society who have nothing else but drugs and broken dreams. Eminem is a living proof that anybody who strongly believes in his dreams and never gives up can make it. He has shown that anybody can be a hero.
Eminem also reunites white and black lower class people, his music is a strong weapon against racism. He understands the youth very well and speaks the same language as young people who often can relate to what he’s saying in his songs.
His own example as a poor white trash kid, the events he personaly went through, his determination never to give up, whatever happens, gives some hope to the poor working class.
Eminem offers some criticism about the American society and politics. The fact that he criticises American society doesn’t mean he doesn’t like his country. He’s proven to be a real patriot.
In the song ‘My Dad’s Gone Crazy’ from the ‘Eminem Show’, he compares his own pain to the pain of a little girl inside of a plane, which is a clear reference to the drama of September the 11th :
More pain inside of my brain thatn the eyes of a little girl inside a plane aimed at the World Trade, standing at Ronnie’s grave, screaming at the sky.
He shows how this drama affected him and how much he’s sensitive to people’s pain.
Among all the pop stars, Eminem is the only one to raise serious debates on serious issues like society, drugs, misunderstood children, child abuse, Freedom of Speech, love and hate, murders, politics.
Eminem’s is an engaged rapper, he considers himself a political rapper. He talks and makes jokes about the ‘Lewinsky affair’ in the ‘Marshall Mathers Lp’ and shows that he is clearly opposed to President Bush’s ‘holy crusade’ against terrorism:
The boogie monster of rap , yeh, the man’s back!
With a plan to ambush the Bush administration
Moosh the Senate’s face in, push this generation
Of kids to stand for the right to say somethin
You might not like, this white hot light I’m under
No wonder I look so suburnt

The new generation is tired of the empty speeches of the government. The young generation refuses to be manipulated and to be the government’s puppets for war purposes.
Eminem’s voice sound like the voice of a ‘White Trash Prophet’ and started opening people’s consciousness which is the first step to a new world order with more justice, hope and ,above all, free speech.

Presentation of the D12 group

The Dirty Dozen are six emcees from Detroit (Michigan). Their names are: Eminem, Bizarre, Proof, Swift, Kon Artis and Kuniva. Each member has his alter ego, so that makes a dozen. Proof, Eminem’s best friend had the idea of making a rap group in which each member had an alter ego.
The members Deshaun Holton (a.k.a Proof a.k.a Dirty Harry); Rufus Johnson (a.k.a Bizarre a.k.a Peter S.Bizarre); O. Moore (a.k.a Swifty Mc Vay); Von Carlisle (a.k.a Hannz G. a.k.a Kuniva); and Slim Shady a.k.a Eminem a.k.a Marshall Mathers are all known separately for their talent. The group was founded by Bizarre and Proof in 1990, but it only became a complete group when Proof brought a white M.C called Eminem into the group, and Swifty.
Bugz (who died in 1999) belonged to the D12 group.
The first time Proof introduced Eminem to Kon, Artis was very surprised: “Hmm, what’s the f’? White boy at my door!”
But within two months they were all rhyming together. Eminem was writing the rhymes and Kon Artis made the beats. Bizarre says that Marshall’s race wasn’t really a novelty on the 7 Mile Eastside. In fact there were many other whites living in the black neighbourhood .The D-12 members never saw Eminem just as a white boy. “That nigga ain’t white”, Kon Artis says about his friend.” He got white in him, but he ain’t white. “
To the D-12 crew the word ‘nigga’ isn’t negative.”
Eminem showed his loyalty to the group when he went famous: the first to become famous was supposed to come back to the others, and he was the first to go to the top. He says: “Aside from everything, aside from all the bullshit ,I know I’ve got a good heart, I know where my loyalty is. Pretty much all the guys in the group have told me that they never doubted me (coming back for them) because that was our pact from way back, from when we first started the group 5 years ago.”
“The D-12 crew was including the M.C Bugz (whose real name was Karnail Paul Pitts), who was shot on May the 21st in 1999 at Detroit’s Belle Island amusement park (*).
Eminem talks about the circumstances of his death: ‘He got shot in the face twice, then run over by a car It was over some stupid shit. He wetted this girl with a water gun and these dudes came over and got their revenge.’ (*)
Each D12- member has a tattoo on his forearm to remember him. He was respected in the hip hop scene and was familiar with Swift, whom he brought into the group.
Swift remembers:” Me and Bugz rapped together, laughed and got drunk together; He’s still with us, tough. Before we go on stage, we pray and he’s right there, over us.”
“He had a big influence on us. Bugz had a lot of energy and a lot of respect in the hip hop scene. He was cool to everybody.” Bizarre says.
Bugz was only 21 years old when he died. Before he died, he wanted Swift to be a member of the group and the D-12 members respected his wish and brought Swifty into the group. Bugz was supposed to perform on Friday, May the 28th, for a show in Grand Rapids (Michigan) on an Eminem tour, but he never appeared on the show. On Saturday, the sad news reached the D-12 members. The tragic death of Bugz increased the group’s determination to make an LP.
Even if Eminem produces the D-12 group, each member has his creativity and creates his own lyrics and songs. They first think about a concept, and then they try to make the beat and submit it to each other .If everybody agrees with the beat, they start to find the vocals, which word rhymes with which, other. They trust each other’s criticism.
Rufus Johnson has an interesting musical profile. He’s a member of the Dirty Dozen and of the New Jersey Outsidaz. His seven tracks EP “Attack of theWeirdos” has been successful.
Bizarre music is funny and amazing, and sometimes he makes his fans feel confused about his character. “I’m the type of guy that talks to bums. I don’t avoid to greet them. I ask them for money, before they can ask me.” ,Bizarre says.
Bizarre also has many affiliations :Outsidaz Young Zee, Pace Won, Rah Digga, Eminem, etc’.He has also done concerts with Redman, Alkaholics ,and Wu- Thang Clan Method Man. Bizarre style is unorthodox and ill .Bizarre probably writes craziest rhymes of the group, and he sometimes dyes his hair green or red. He’s really amazing. His rhymes sound crazy and disturbing: “I ain’t got food in my house/My job I been cheated/ My girl had a miscarriage / I had to eat it(.”Amityville”)
Kon Artis
Kon Artis used to be a member of a group called Da Brigade (with Kuniva).
Proof, Eminem’s best friend, took place in a freestyle battle in January 2002 and was first in Source Magazine freestyle competition in New York.
Kuniva, who also belonged to the group Da Brigade along with Kon Artis, had an unreleased
EP, but unfortunately the label had broken up, before it was released.
Eminem is the producer of the D-12 crew’Before being famous, he belonged to the D-12 group.

D'Angelo Bailey Lawsuit thrown out by judge

MOUNT CLEMENS — A Macomb Circuit judge threw out a $1 million lawsuit Friday filed by Eminem’s elementary school classmate against the rapper for defamation of character.
DeAngelo Bailey of Roseville sued the rapper, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, in 2001, claiming his song “Brain Damage” depicted him in a false light. In the song, Eminem says Bailey beat him up regularly in elementary school.
Eminem asked Judge Deborah Servitto to dismiss the lawsuit, which she did.
In her written opinion, Servitto wrote a song saying Eminem’s lyrics about Bailey posed no grounds for a lawsuit.
“The lyrics are stories no one would take as fact/ They’re an exaggeration of a childish act,” Servitto wrote in her 36-line rap. “Any reasonable person could clearly see/that the lyrics could only be hyperbole.”
Bailey, a trash collector, is accused in Eminem’s song of being a bully who shoved Eminem into school lockers and broke his nose on a bathroom urinal at school.
Eminem’s lawyer, Peter Peacock, sought dismissal of the suit because he said the lyrics were true and that Bailey was an opportunist trying to cash in on the rapper’s success.
Eminem’s mother filed suit against the Roseville school district in 1982 over incidents between Bailey and Eminem at Dort Elementary School. The lawsuit was dismissed the following year because of governmental immunity.
Bailey said in court papers he never broke Eminem’s nose or beat or choked him in the school bathroom, like the 1999 song on “The Slim Shady LP” says.
Bailey’s attorney, Byron Nolen, said he was surprised Servitto wrote a rap to explain the case.
“I’m shocked that a judge would do that,” Nolen said.

There is no defamation in telling the truth. It is kind of shocking to hear those sarcastic rhymes.
Eminem’s story is a 100% true.
Bailey, who was two years older, a much bigger guy than him, terrorized him with a group of kids at Roseville Elementary School. About Marshall, D’Angelo says: “He was small, plus he had a big mouth.” According to legal sources (Debbie Mathers sued Marshall’s school), there are four recorded incidents of Marshall getting beaten up.
On October 15th, 1981, he got beaten up, was bruised, and got the wind knocked out of him. The consequences were nausea, abnormal sleepiness and had injuries on his lips and tongue.
Later November 14th, Marshall took another beating. He suffered from insomnia, vomiting, nightmares and antisocial behavior. And it went on like this on December 21st: Marshall had injuries on his face, head, back and legs after another beating.
But the worst was to come in 1982, on January 13th. Marshall was intentionally hit with a snowball containing a heavy object, was wounded severely while lying on the ground and went into a coma. He also suffered from intermittent loss of vision in his right eye and from an intermittent loss of hearing when he woke up from the coma.
When Marshall was transferred to the hospital, the doctors thought he was to die, but Marshall woke up 10 days later, and the first sentence he said was: “now I can spell elephant”. Debbie Mathers tried to sue Roseville Elementary School in 1982, because of Marshall’s head injury. She tried to prove that her son suffered from a lot of post-beating symptoms. But, unfortunately, the lawsuit was dismissed in 1983.
Who was talking about exaggeration?

Kim Mathers to stand trial on cocaine possession

Mathers, 28, who awaits trial on allegations of cocaine possession during a traffic stop on Interstate 94 on June 10, now faces charges for a Sept. 29 party held in her Warren hotel room, according to police.
Acting on a report of a disorderly person, Warren officers spotted Mathers talking on a cellular phone outside her room at the Candlewood Suites shortly before 3 a.m., according to the Macomb Daily.
Police told the paper they heard yelling and loud music coming from inside. When she opened the door, officers saw several people inside, “several” open bottles of alcohol and cigarette rolling papers, according to a police report.
When officers tried to arrest a 27-year-old Warren man after spotting a small bag of suspected marijuana and a marijuana cigarette at his feet, the man quickly put a small bag in his mouth after an officer asked him to open his clenched fist, according to the paper.
Police believe the bag contained marijuana. A struggle with the man ensued, and police gave him a burst of pepper stray to subdue and handcuff him, the paper reported.
The suspect swallowed the bag, although he denied swallowing anything, according to the report.
A 28-year-old West Bloomfield man was arrested after tossing a bag of suspected Ecstasy pills on the floor, police told the paper. Ecstasy is a popular illegal synthetic drug.
Mathers apparently told police the room was in her name and that people were using marijuana and Ecstasy at the party, the police report states.
Prosecutors expect to obtain a warrant charging Mathers with maintaining a drug house.
Maintaining a drug house is a misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison, a $25,000 fine, or both.
Mathers is also expected to stand trial some time next month on charges that she had cocaine in her possession during a traffic stop on June 10.
The drug charge carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.
Mathers divorced rap star Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, in 2001. They have a daughter, Hailie Jade. Kimberly Mathers also reportedly has another daughter from a relationship after her split from Eminem.

5o Cent and Obie Australian Tour in December

50 Cent, Obie Trice To Tour Australia
–Hiphop’s highest selling artist of 2003 is headed Down Under in December to both Australia and New Zealand for the ‘No Fear, No Mercy’ Tour. Joining 50 Cent on the tour will be Shady Records recording artist Obie Trice who recently released his debut album ‘Cheers’. Lloyd Banks and Young Buck of G-Unit may also make the trip but this is yet to be confirmed.
–In what is almost a carbon copy of Eminem’s Australasian Tour, local press have commenced the negative ‘gangsta rap’ campaign, focusing on 50 Cent’s past which included drug dealing and being shot 9 times. Promoter Michael Gudinski (who also did the Eminem / D12 tour) envisages no problem with authorities over the tour. “50 Cent has been to England and Japan, and there has been no issue in those countries,” he said.
–When asked whether he would wear a bullet proof vest while on tour in Australia, 50 responded by saying “Even if things are going well for me at this point, I am not exempt from the situations that killed Tupac and Biggie, so I take precautions. It’s not that I’m anticipating that. But in the event it does happen, I would like to be prepared for it.”
–Dates for the shows in Australia are below. Tickets go on sale October 24th.
Fri Dec 5 : Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park
Sat Dec 6 : Sydney SuperDome
Sun Dec 7 : Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Eminem speaks his mind about Britney Spears

Superstar rapper Eminem says Britney Spears “can’t sing” and her music is “corny as hell”.
The “Stan” singer insists he has nothing against the sexy singer personally; he just doesn’t like her music.
Eminem says, “I’ve met Britney a couple of times but I’m not going to demolish her in public.
“I’m not a fan of her music though, that’s for sure. I think it’s corny as hell, but whatever. I can’t knock her for doing her thing. She sucks and she can’t sing.”
But the rapper is forced to listen to Spears’ songs – because his young daughter Hailie is a huge Britney fan. He says, “Hailie listens to Britney. She also likes Christina Aguilera, watches MTV and likes lots of people I don’t. But what am I going to do?”