Facts about Kimberley Scott Mathers

Kim is Eminem;s ex wife and the mom of his daughter Hailie Jade.
Their relationship has always been complicated, it the kind of love-hate relationship that is always on and off again. They were both unable to live together, but their couldn’t live with each other either…
Debbie has accepted Kim like her own daughter in her house, because Kim had been kicked out from her house by her alcoholic parents. She used to live at Debbie’s home as Marshall’s foster sister. She first couldn’t stand Marshall, they used to fight like brother and sister, but suddenly became inseparable.
In 1995, Kim got pregnant from Marshall and gave birth to their daughter Hailie Jade.
It is Hailie who gave Marshall the courage to fight for his dreams and also to take his responsibilities as a father. He wanted to be different from his own father.
He used to work very hard at Gilberts’ Lodge during this period.
His life in the neighborhood was really bad. Their appartement was visited very often and stolen.
Their couple life started to become very hard in December 1996 when Eminem was fired from Gilbert’s Lodge for his absences. He was unable to feed his family and Kim simply left him. According to her, a man has to take financial care of his girlfriend or wife. That’s what we could call a ‘dependant woman’.
During the night Kim left him, Eminem wrote ‘Rock Bottom’ and attempted suicide.Fortunately , he survived to his suicide.
Kim used to forbid him to see Hailie. One day, he went to his stepfather’s home to see Hailie, but he pulled out a gun and told Marshall: ‘You are no good. I don’t wanna see you again or I’ll kill you.’
Kim was using Hailie as a weapon and Marshall was suffering from the situation.Once he told Kim he was going to take Hailie to a fast food, but he took her to the studio and used her voice in the ‘Bonnie and Clyde 97’ song. He uses Hailie’s voice and talks about murdering Kim.But the hidden message behind ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ is an expression of love. It was just another way to tell Kim to come back to him.
People who are shocked by the lyrics of this song seem to forget that Kim was Marshall’s first love.Eminem himself expressed it very well : ‘Me and Kim, we been through our dramas and shit, but I’ve been bald-faced lying if I said I don’t love her or I’m with her because of my daughter. I’m with her, ’cause I really wanna be with her. I love that girl, man. I really do.”
On June the 14th 1999, Eminem married Kim, but he filed divorce one year later because he saw another man ‘John Guerra- kissing his wife.This event could have cost the famous rapper his career, because he pointed an unloaded pistol on him. Kim pretended that this kiss was innocent.Who is going to believe her? The kiss John Guerra gave to Kim seems to be a rather intimate kiss…John Guerra admitted it.
In July 2000, during Eminem’s ‘Up In Smoke Tour’, Kim attempted suicide. She tried to slit her wrists with a razor.She felt humiliated, because Eminem was using a naked doll on stage that was called ‘Kim’. She also filed a 10 Million dollars lawsuit against her husband for defamation.
Kim has shown some instability in her behavior after her suicide attempt.
After visiting a nightclub she fought with her twin sister Dawn. The Detroit police accused her of hitting her sister in the head and in the face.
Kim also seems to have some cocaine addiction problems.She was found twice in possession of cocaine betweeen 2001 and 2003.
In her relationship to Marshall, Kim’s problem has always been to share her husband with the whole world. Nobody could blame her for that, but rather on the fact that she always broke up with her husband when he was financially down or facing some personal difficulties.
We may doubt her sincerity, because she always comes back when Eminem is wealthy and successful.
Eminem’s divorce was finalised in 2001.Both share the legal custody of Hailie Jade, a joint custody Marshall had to fight for, because Kim wanted to prove Marshall was unable to raise Hailie.
The recent events (Kim facing drug possession problems) have rather shown her weakness and instability , again. This might compromise her chances to avoid a jail sentence and to be judged as a decent mom.
During his Anger Management Tour in June 2003 , Eminem came back to Detroit on a private jet to ask the Court for Hailie’s full custody, because he knew Kim had been arrested for cocaine possession and he was worried about Hailie landing in a foster family.
Since his probation period, Eminem has shown much more stability for the love of a little girl, ‘the only lady he adores, Hailie.’

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  1. hey my name is nikita and i think that marshal is a good fauther because marshal faught to get his dauter back. I am a kid who had a fauther who beat my mom hurt her badly when i was still in my mommys stomach when my dad pushed my mother down the stairs with me in it. And he didnt even care. But when i didnt no that all that stuff happened i loved my daddy no madder what and i always will but now that i no my dad hurt my mom and stuff i sort of have a diffrent way of loving him i mean i always will but a diffrent way of thinking my dad…..my mom had some boy problems after my mom left my dad i was about 4 and my mom was with this guy and he beat my brothers when they were about 3 my mom didnt no this was happening i couldnt tell my mom because i was to little to understand what was happening every guy that my mom went out with was no good….. even now her new boy frien is in jail for hurting my mom but her boy friend got out of jail and found were my mom was and hurt her agen he is in jail agen and she had to kids with this guy a boy and a girl the boy is 3 and the girl is 1 i love them both and my mom has custudy of them i told ehr not too go back with him the first time he was in jail…. but no she didnt listen to me but she isnt with him now and that boy friend was doing drugs and was in a gang my mom didnt no until he told her. i have been living with my gradmother sence i was about the age of 6 and my brothers have lived with my grandmother a little longer then i have when my brothers lived with my grandmother i lived with my dad. i am soo thankful that my gram took us because i probley would have never new my brothers i would have been in diffrent foster homes then them i love my grandparents sooo much and i still see my mom but not my dad my dad past a way 4 years ago from drinking smoking.

  2. hEY ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ON THE MEND WITH CLEANING UP YOUR LIFE. sOUNDS LIKE YOUR JUST TWO PEOPLE THAT HAVE MADE SOME CHOICES TOGETHER ,SOME GOOD,SOME BAD. i CAN RELATE. i FEEL FOR YOU AND YOUR LITTLE GIRL. SHE NEEDS HER MOM AND YOU. No matter what your baby girl will always love you and her moma. I think success was in the cards for you and your blessed. I hope you and your family stay blessed. Just remember miracles happen and any thing is possible if you have hope. Your image is supposed to be a bad boy. Im sure you are a sweet soul. I only say this because you sound determined and able to be strong enough to be there for your baby girl. I dont have children, I have two neices and both of there parents are addicts and infected with HIV. mY PARENTS HAVE CUSTODY AND THEY ARE MUCH HAPPIER AND SAFE NOW. yOU ARE MORE BLESSED THAN YOU KNOW. i WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR FAMILY. tHANK YOU FOR PUTTING SO MUCH OF YOU LIFE OUT THERE.

  3. Keeping a relationship going and raising children is hard enough without having to do it in the public eye. My hat is off to you.~

  4. Look i fink he is a great dad but nobody noes wot goes on behind closed doors some stuff could be complete nd utter bullshit for all you no he addmits in his song dat he never see’s halie much cause he is away on tour, but the reason for that is because he is makin money for her. good father.? my dad was never around wen i was little i dnt remba him at all if he loved her that much we wouldnt go along time wit out seein her. i love marshall but the truth of the matter is lifes a bitch nd woteva decision he will make he will get slated for!.

    1. very insightful comment indeed…i guess he is doing his best…but you know, what you said could be applied to any of us as parents…in one way or another, we cannot be perfect parents, whether we are famous or not…
      Em has chosen to embrace a rap career, which implied from the beginning that he would barely spend time at home…but it is better to have a busy dad, than a dad who suffers because he cannot afford food for you, because he’s too poor…think about it…

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