Eminem’s surprise birthday

At Monday 20th October, 2003, Posted by Emil
Eminem was speechless for once when mates threw him a surprise birthday party. The rapper turned 31 last week so his sidekick and best mate Proof organised a treat for him.
My source in Detroit explained: “Proof took Eminem to his favourite club and told him his arch-enemy Canibus was waiting to battle him on stage.
“Em got really hyped up and was eyeballing Canibus.
“But then Proof got up and revealed the guy was actually just a look-a-like.”
Em has re-named the rapper “Canabitch”. They hate each other. But the best was yet to come.
A flabbergasted Eminem stood back as rap vets Big Daddy Kane and Doug E Fresh leapt up and performed a suprise birthday gig. My source said: “These guys are giants in the rap world. They are Eminem’s idols and he was lost for words.”
Em has reunited two other hip hop heavyweights by producing “Runnin (Dyin’ To Live)” featuring the deceased Tupac and B.I.G. for MTV movie “Tupac Resurrection”.
Source: D12World

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  1. We love eminem! N we wish eminem a happy birthday! Don’t stop making great music

  2. i love u eminem keep up ur great music i wish u a very happy birthday i have had a day off skool 2day i love u hope u have a great day and i hope u dnt retire n hope all ur wishes cum true
    love u truley urs
    -x- shadyzlady-x-

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