A Shady Mom

A Shady mom : Debbie Mathers
Every Eminem listener knows that he hates his mom. Some people don’t understand why the famous rapper expresses so much hatred about his own mom.
Debbie Mathers seems to have a complex personality.She has abused her son emotionaly, verbally and even physically. She is a sick person who used to suffer from Munchhausen’s syndrome (…victim of Munchausen’s syndrome, my whole life I was made to believe I was sick when I wasn’t /till I grew up). This line from ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ defines Debbie’s sickness.
What is exactly ‘Munchhausen’s syndrome’ ? It’s a kind of psychological illness that was discovered in 1977. A person with Munchausen’s syndrome gives fake symptoms of illness and insists on the fact she is sick. This kind of sickness (which is Debbie’s case) can also take the form of child abuse ( the mother uses the child’s fake sickness to gain attention: this particular kind of desease is called Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy.
The mother makes her kid believe that he,s sick and convinces him to take some medication which creates other symptoms like vomiting for instance.
Debbie Briggs Mathers is the first to make a drug addict of her own son.
Eminem had to testify against her in Court and he shares his statements in an interview given to the ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine:
‘In Court I had to testify against her. Nate who was 9 at this time was too scared to testify against his mom. His mom made him believe he was an hyperactive kid and that hje was suffering from ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ . My mother said I was a hyper kid and I wasn’t, he said. She put me on Ritalin.’
Debbie who pretends that she still loves her sons and that she suffers a lot from his rejection also filed a 10 Million dollars lawsuit against him for defamation in June 1999 because on the verses of the song ‘My Name Is’: ‘I just found out my mom does more dope than I do’.
He jokes about in his song ‘Marshall Mathers’:’My fucking bitch mom is suing lme for 10 Million : she must want a dollar for every pill I’ve been stealing/ Shit where the fuck do you think I picked the habit/All I had was to go in her room and lift a mattress.’
But the whole story started with the interview Eminem gave in the Source Magazine called ‘fear of a white rapper’ where the rapper relates many facts about his childhood.
As we know, there is no defamation in telling the truth. That’s exactly what Eminem points out in the same interview:’As bizarre as my shit might be, it’s still the reflection of the truth. When I say my mom does more dope than me, people I’m just craking jokes, but that shit is real. It’s part of my childhood. 100 % fucking true.’
Of course Debbie denies his allegations. But for Eminem , truth always matters. He is well known for always speaking his mind.
There are hidden reasons for Debbie’s lawsuit , but we can guess them easily. Filing a lawsuit is a good way to make dollars the good old American way.
Marshall also declined an out of Court offer to settle a 10 Million dollars lawsuit for 2 Million dollars. It shows how much she was in need of money.
Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, managed to prove the authenticity of Eminem’s allegations.
Later on , Debbie filed another lawsuit for 1 Million dollars because her son said ‘She does have no leg to stand on (in her defamation suit) and she’s looking for things I say in my interviews to help her.’
Debbie is also known as a ‘bingo addict’.
She also wants a lot of publicity. She released a record ( a three song CD) with X-ID where she addresses an open letter to her son .It is called ‘ Dear Marshall’:
dear *Marshall*,
I just wanna start out by saying
I still love you
even when i was pregnant with you
it was very hard for me
so many times of torture was worth every minute of it
cuz wen i looked in to those big blue eyes
this was the first time i had ever felt true love
in my whole life
we have a problem marshall
the past 2 years..something really went wrong
i was so excited about your success yet so let down by your
playing the role of both mum & dad must of taken a toll on you
more then i ever imagined
*marshall* i did the best i could
i went without seeking half
it was rong of me and i see it now as giving you everything
and never questioning ne thing you eva did
as you were perfect in my eyes
my unconditional love created a spoiled young man
an angry one too
now before god and every1 i must apologise cuz at the time
i thought it was the right thing to do
im torchered daily *Marshall* by people always asking me where
such an angry young man ………………..
being the only role model in your life, of course they’re gonna
blame me
the demeanin me needs to stop and i speak 4 lots of mothers
the words really hurt and they cut like a knife
but theres no way to mend a bleedin heart
if not 4my frenz who ave been there for me and yes
*marshall* they really truely care
i pray some day your not going to be alone and you’ll ave frenz like
me…..and they wont be there just for your fame
and no more attacks on me
and vicious acts of heat cuz it really hurts
will the real Marshall Mathers please stand up?
and take responsibility 4his actions
and im gonna close this *marsh* by saying
its not too late for change
and always sincerely your mother
It sounds like a comedy knowing so many facts about Debbie.
When Marshall was a little boy, she used to treat him so badly.Once she came back home, and for no appearant reasons, she hit him, spat at his face, calling him ‘little bastard’.
Debbie has deeply hurt her son, what does she expect from him in return.
The worst sentence she has ever said to her son can be found in ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ : ‘Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me’.
This sentence is killing love forever.
In the ‘Sally Raphael Show’, Debbie said that her son Marshall has been told by managers what to write in his songs and that his rage is just artistic expression.
People who know Eminem as an artist also know that he is not a commercial rapper . He has enough money and he doesn’t need to dis his own mom for recognition.
Debbie claims to be a good mom, but many other facts are talking against her.
When she left Marshall Mathers Jr, she didn’t spend his early years with Marshall. In fact, Eminem’s great aunt from Missouri, Edna Swartz, was taking care of him.
Debbie is also known for her instable relationships to men. She was dating many men. She’s been married four times.
Don De Marc, her former boyfriend says: ‘She complained of headaches, backaches and toothaches, she always seemed to be in pain. She was always looking for pain pills.’ He also insists on her irrational character.
Nate is Eminem’s half brother.He’s been placed in a foster family for one year, because Debbie was abusive towards him.
Fred J. Samra (Nate’s Dad) also expressed about her :’She is lying about drugs and stuff, I won’t say any more.You would not believe the shit he( Marshall) has been through.
One of Debbie’s former husbands, Berger Olsen Au Gres remembers the time he was married to Debbie: ‘She was throwing him of the house all the time. I remeber Marshall telling her : ‘I want to do my rap, and when I do, I’m going to do all about you.’
Marshall Mathers is lucky to have found some consolation in his music , even if he is still hurt from his horrible past. His music helps a lot of kids who come from broken homes to overcome their problems. ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ is a real therapy for kids from dysfunctional families.
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  1. Cleaning out my closet helped me realize there are other people who have gone through the same things as I have like harrassment, depression, loss, hurt and it seems like there is no one else like you. but there is. It sends a message don’t give up because someday you will have a good life and a great future just try to hold on. If you don’t let things get to you you have a lower chance at commiting suicide. You will be ok. I am now and I believed in myself.

  2. Love it. Anyone that has anyting bad to say about Eminem only says it cause they don’t like to hear the truth. People want fairy tales and its not all fairy tales. Marshall mathers may not be perfect but who is? He is definitely striving to give his daughter the life he never had. I applaud the “real slim shady” for standing up.

  3. Is there any proof that he was abused as a child? Just because some fucked up white rapper who just wants to be black says so. I like his music and its good and all but that doesn’t mean he makes it out of mere fabrication. The whole ‘idealistic’n is just something he wants people to believe so that he sounds like he has been so hard dome by..
    A statement by his mum some time ago said that he wrote to her and said “the fouler I am, the more the audience love me” and that is perfectly justifiable, I mean what rapper does not write shit just to get the attention and money of the crowd.
    Nether the less that doesn’t mean that everything he wrote is absolute bullshit. Believe your own side, listen to who you want but I believe that both sides are bullshitting just to make themselves seem like the innocent one.
    His mom may have abused him when he was younger, not that there was ever any proof of that, but look at him.. Who honestly thinks he was the model child himself? And even if she did treat him badly as a child how fucking low are you to disrespect your mum in public and take the piss out of her? If he doesn’t like her then thats fair enough but there is no need to take the piss out of her all the time in his songs, just so people like his music and spend money on it. Thats fucked up.

    1. first of all, i’d appreciate if you were a little bit nicer while posting your comment and also if you dropped the race card…although i am white myself, i never supported Eminem just because he was a white kid…the reason why i support him is because i can related to many of his songs and also because i admire his lyrical skills…don’t judge people by their color…i have lived with black people witthin black communities for years and both of my kids are bi racial, so when i talk about black culture, i perfectly know what i am talking about…
      Em is not just any white kid trying to be black, so your statementis totally pointless…he grew up on the black side of 8 Mile because his mom couldn’t afford the rent on the whie side (he stated it in an older interview)
      you are also wrong to say there hasn’t been any abuse from his mom’s side…she has Munchausen syndrome, that’s enough proof…
      if i were you, i’d avoid speaking on a topic i don’t know much about…plus you seem so judgmental towards people…

  4. I love eminem he has major talent . i cry in almost all those songs , just too know somebody was going through that makes me sad ):

  5. Wtf you guys Eminem is a great rapper and your calling him black? He doesn’t wanna be black he wants to tell everyone what he went through have you read the child called it? I bet davids black too huh bc he’s trying to tell everyone about his mother. Its stupid what people r saying!

  6. ”now I would never diss my own moma just to get recogniton”
    Yea I believe him I mean if it wasnt true wouldnt his own family members say something or people who knew him back than? Well like emenim said ”fuck you Debbie”!!

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