Eminem’s ascension to the top

Nothing’s more impressing than Eminem’s rapid way to the top. In his song ‘Marshall Mathers’ from the Marshall Mathers Lp, he says: ‘Last year I was nobody, this year I’m selling records’.
When Marshall Mathers left school, he found a job at Gilbert’s Lodge where he worked with his high school friend Mike for a 5.50 dollars per hour salary. But his life wasn’t only limited to this activity: Marshall always had his great dream to become a rapper in mind and he was determined to ‘make it’.
Mike and Marshall used to record songs in Mike’s basement.. Mike’s nickname was ‘Manix’ and Marshall adopted the name M&M (from his initials) which later became Eminem.
Eminem recorded only one song for ‘Bassmint Productions’. It was ‘Crackers ‘N Cheese.
Marshall also made some attempts to rap outside Mike’s basement when he went to clubs, where his skin color was a real issue.
Even if it was difficult for him to be accepted , he managed to be accepted at the Hip Hop Shop of Detroit.
He remembers: ‘The Hip Hop Shop was the heart of Detroit and it was definitly a place to come to show your skills. But it was MC’s who were like, fuck the bullshit, we don’t care what color you are, just rap. If you can rap, you got a place with us. So basically that’s where I felt at home. The first time I rapped there I got a warm reception, then it became an addiction, every week just going there and freestyling. And I have never lost a ( freestyling) battle in Detroit so that was a big thing too’.
First, Eminem had to fight to be accepted by his audience, but in the end people were looking forward to him coming to rhyme.
Eminem battled an Mc named Kuniva (who is now a D12 member) to prove his credibility.
Marky Bass was impressed by Marshall’s first performance when he was 15 years old. He was freestyling.
He has always been good at rhyming and playing with syllables.
Marky Bass who became one of the producers of his debut album ‘The Slim Shady Lp’, explains that Marshall was brilliant from the beginning, but there was something missing that would bring him to the top.They created the concept of a shock rapper to attract people’s attention.This concept has proven to be successful.
‘We came out with the idea of shock rap. When we went to Interscope, we worked him as the Marylin Manson of rap.Marshall was about 24 at this time, things were going a little beserk in his life, we were getting tuned away by labels who din’t want a white rapper and some of the anger started coming out of him.’
His alter ego Slim Shady is an ill psychopath character who is there to shock people.
Of course, he’s been talented from the beginning, but he has improved his art that is becoming more mature with each new album. He also owes a great part of his success to Dr Dre who signed him to his label and from whom he also learnt a lot of techniques.
But the pupil has even become better than his teacher. Marshall is not average, he’s a phenomenal in rap music.
Who said that white men can’t rap?