La Vie En Rose- movie review

Global rating of the product: 5 stars
I just bought La Vie En Rose yesterday and I would like to share my thoughts about the movie with you.
La Vie En Rose recalls French singer Edith Piaf’s tragic and brilliant life. Nobody incarnates Paris better than Edith Piaf. As long as I lived in my hometown, I used to dislike Piaf: I found her old fashioned and her songs didn’t speak to be. But, having lived in Paris twice now, I think I am truly getting Piaf’s spirit. Each town vibrates a specific message.In my humble opinion, Paris is much about life appreciation and love. From the streets of Paris emanates a specific atmosphere that is truly wonderful. Even in my hardships, I could always feel Paris’ specific call to enjoy life and to love, which is always present in Edith Piaf’s music.
When I want to escape from London without traveling, I listen to Edith’s songs.
On a sidenote, I visited her tomb in July 2011 with my dear childhood friend Sylvie I hadn’t seen for 28 years. On Piaf’s tomb was the very emotional message: ” Dieu reunit ceux qui s’aiment” ( God reunites those who love each other), it was like Edith Piaf was talking to us from the grave!

Edith Piaf was born Edith Giovanna Gasson in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Her mom literally failed at the task of taking care of her. She was literally abandoned in the streets of Paris while her mom was trying to make a living singing in the street. Her father who was an acrobat and contortionist took her to his mom in Normandy where she run a brothel. She then traveled with her father all over France.
She used to live in Pigalle and in Menilmontant ( I have seen her statue there and was amazed at her little size, she was only around 1m40).
Marion Cotillard brillianly interprets Edith Piaf. Not only is her physical resemblance with the real Piaf amazing, but she also has a very emotional interpretation of the singer.
Piaf’s destiny has been filled with drama. She lost the love of her life in a plane crash. She married twice after this drama. Despite the glory of the scene her life was far from being easy. She impressed a lot of people such as Jran Cocteau, famous German singer and actress Marlene Dietrich, Yves Montand, etc…
Her life was rough, but yet there is some joy and simplicity in her life vision. She shared the biggest secret of happiness with the world: love!
Among the great actors who are starring in the movie, you have Gerard Depardieu and Emannuelle Seigner ( the amazing actress who played in the Frantic movie).
Due to her drug addiction, alcoholism and weak health, she died at only 45. However , Edith Piaf left a wonderful heritage to the French culture.
Prepare your tissues, the movie is hard, very emotional. I cried on many occasions. It is definitely worth your buy.
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