Maverick Sabre/ Lonely Are The Brave/ album review

Global rating: 4.75 stars

I can claim without any hesitation that Maverick Sabre, of Stoke Newington, London, is the UK’s best musical revelation: this young man has the depth and consistency of genuine artists. His use of vocals is quite impressing, and moreover, he’s got soul.
Maverick Sabre was born in Stoke Newington (in 1990), which is one of my favorite places in North London. Stoke Newington is a place of contrasts in terms of middle class people and working classes that are mixed together, but it is also a boiling intellectual and artistic place, where you can meet the most interesting people. Church Street and Crissold Park make it a magical place, because it makes some room for artisanal creations, originality, color and beauty.
Violins introduce the soft, I Need, in which the artist excels in his vocal performance. This song invites angels and sunshine into your life. I love the optimistic quest that the song raises within me. Genuine is the word that defines this song best. It keeps you in communion with the Divine. I truly loved it.
“Sometimes” is written in a hip hop style in which Maverick Sabre recalls his childhood in “Stokey” ( Stoke Newington). I like the way words flow from the artists’ mouth. The song is beautifully handled. I also love the way it is apolitical. The instrumentals are intelligently combined with some light vocals; slight guitar notes work together with violin sounds and keyboard. Well done! I’d also advice you to watch the video to the song.
No One has some good, catchy beats. A man with a broken heart is exposing a lady’s selfish heart.
Open My Eyes: too often we are blind to see our true life purpose. It is so hard to change inherited habits. The song is very emotional. Again, the artist shows some good vocal talent. I highly enjoy the vocal contrast and the rhythmic instrumental background.
“Cold Game” points out the world’s coldness. I love the emotional style of the song.
When I first hear Maverick’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”, I was moved to tears.
When you hear “I was born by the river in a little tent…” you feel transported into another sphere. The artist will allow you to connect with your Higher Self and feel the deep meaning of his lyrics
I first thought this was a black man singing, because Maverick’s vocals are much extended. The song is very emotional; it talks to the soul and puts some real goodness into your heart. This wonderful gospel-style song is accompanied with a beautiful, rhythmic piano background.
Shooting The Stars is also one of my favorites. Get caught in a drama; enjoy the slow swing while guitar is hammering. One can shoot the body without killing the spirit. A man’s soul lives forever.
Globally speaking, excellent standards are set for the whole album. The artist’s words have a true meaning. Maverick has a very flexible voice that can go from light to dark; he handles lyrics instrumentals and spirit very intelligently. Lonely Are The Brave is a very meaningful album. Whether you classify it into soul or acoustic hip hop (to me, its major soul music influence is obvious), but it also combines gospel and hip hop. For the first time since I long time, I feel a strong connection with an authentic artist. I highly recommend this excellent album to any true music lover.
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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this review. I brought the album to play in my car and I have found myself transporting it from the car to the house, to the car again because I just want to listen and soak in the lyrics all the time. I’m born and raised in Stoke Newington too and Maverick makes me very proud to be from here. You don’t always notice it on a day to day basis but the magic of our neighbourhood is certainly conducive to the harnessing of honest, righteous talent like Maverick’s.

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  3. Hi
    Soul-rapper Maverick Sabre has steadily engineered a faithful following, as witness the Jazz Café audience enthusiastically singing beside “They Found Him a Gun”, the bonus track concluding Lonely Are the Brave.And actually, at his best on the crisp retro-soul arrangement of “No One”, he comes across sort of a male Amy Wine house, engagingly feisty and vulnerable. Too typically here, however, he opts for undistinguished break beat grooves to hold his reflections, and he looks nearly solipsistic ally hooked in to his own past, in track when track reminiscing concerning his onerous childhood.

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