Adam JSolo interview

You just discovered Adam JSolo’s life story. Discover the man and artist in his own words. For more info about Adam JSolo, go to Adam’s facebook.
1. What motivated you at first to become an artist?
-I was 15 my friend Geoff and I were in my computer room and we decided to write a rap song, and I promised him that I would never give up on becoming an artist, He was my best friend and when I told him I meant something he knew I was really serious about it
2. How did you come up with your nickname?
-I liked how Tupac used his real name, So I would use mine, Adam Jacob or Adam J Solo
3. Which is your biggest ( musical) source of inspiration?
-My biggest source of influence would have to be, The Beatles and Tupac 2 of my favorite artists/bands ever
4. Old school or new school hip hop?
-Good question. I prefer anything that is somewhat truth or fun to listen to so a little bit of both is a good dose for me, tho I can not really listen to that stuff that just doesn’t make any sense unless I like the beat and tune out the stupidity
5. Define yourself as an artist within a few words?
-A Clean Up Artist, because I believe that if given the chance I can really clean up the game,the world and overall bring something clean,fun and exciting to the table
6. According to you, what makes you stand out of the crowd?
-The fact that I am not in this to be a rapper or an entertainer. I am in it because I feel that its time for a good role model with some words that people all over can relate to.
7. For how long have you been rapping now? What are your biggest achievements as an artist?
-About 7 years, I only count 1 year tho because the last year I have started to try and master my craft and take it seriously. My biggest achievement so far has been to be able to gain the attention of major producers with my story and music, I haven’t gotten the chance to really go out there yet, I have been so busy with bills and life its been kinda hard hoping for a big break soon
8. Which artists have you been collaborating with?
-Hazardas-Donald Bandy from North Carolina, but other than that I am a Solo act, but he is a young 17 year old actor who has been in many tv shows and commercials
9. Besides hip hop, what kind of music do you listen to?
-Believe it or not recently I have really started to listen to classical music, I also like classical rock.
10. What is the message behind your lyrics?
-good question you got me thinking how to best answer this haha umm Its time for us as a culture to rise to the occasion and its been hard for us to, whether it was broken homes, drugs infesting our streets, anger and hate as well, its time to be happy for the things you have and its time to really act better and be more aware of how our actions effect not only us personally but us as a culture.
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