Adam J Solo's story or don't give up on yourself

Adam JSolo is a hip hop artist.He was born on October the 29th, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
How he got there is a very long story, because he was diagnosed with a major learning disability at a very early age. He was put on heavy medication and the doctors nearly gave up on him. He was singled out and had to go to private schools.
Despite the doctors’ diagnosis that really spoke against Adam’s capabilities, the young boy had an incredible memory:” I was always really intelligent so I was told I would memorize all the numbers on the refrigerator at the age of 2″ (Adam)
Adam’s mom would test altenative medicines and natural treatments for her son in order to improve his health.But in front of Adam’s difficulties, his father deserted his home.
Adam then went to a military school where making friends was a lot easier for him.During his teenage years, Adam got into trouble, getting involved with drugs. His life eventually took a more positive tuen when he met his girlfriend and future wife Gina who allowed him to change the way he envisioned life.Adam experienced the funny side of life with Gina, his best friend and hers fell in love and ended up having a kid. But at the same time, life didn’t spare him: he lost two close friends within six months.Adam eventually chose to become an emcee and to teach people about the power of a positive attitude. His motivation to succeed despite all will bring him further, because as Eminem said it in Lose Yourself before ” you can do anything you set your mind to, man”.
Adam’s story teaches anybody an invaluable life lesson: even if anybody is giving up on you, you gotta find the force and the courage within yourself. If you fight hard enough, you will be exactly where you wanna be.
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