Taste this flavor of Black Ice!

You like it gangsta? You like it West Coast too? Then this new Black Ice flavor-that consists of the combination of two raw hip hop talents, Ice T and Black Silver- is exactly for you.
The rap game currently possesses a myriad of rappers. However, very few are really talented and true to the actual ghetto reality. Pioneers and rap masters such as Ice T are here to enlighten real street knowledge combined with their musical and instrumental knowledge. They truly know how to reinvent themselves. Their overwhelming mainstream success will not prevent them from offering quality tracks to the connoisseurs. Here you have a dynamic duo, Ice T and Black Silver, here they go, keeping it gangsta and West Coast sounding, carrying the true hip hop spirit.
Rhythmic and electronically combined, The Best Way is built on a dark musical background, enhancing Ice T’s dark vocals. The track is enlightening both Ice T and Black Silver’s word dexterity. If gangsta rap is your way of life or your tremendous passion, you are gonna like this one!Enjoy the dou’s bad boy spirit and nod your head to the track. The Best Way is truly a must hear!
You will find The Hunger in form of a dialog. The track will introduce the listener into the harsh ghetto reality and the daily grand hustle. Learn more about the streets of California and their ghetto survivors.
Out there features Too $hort. The instrumentals are a mixture of whistle, keyboard and violins sounds, spreading a quite surrealistic atmosphere all around. Pimping is the main theme of the song.
On Ice T and Black Ice’s my space account, you will be able to listen to the three songs mentioned above, but you will also be able to enjoy a few typical West Coast videos lead by the hand of rap masters. Enjoy:)
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