Two exclusive Dogmatic tracks: a glimpse of the Like Coleman Young mixtape

“Swearing is an art form. You can express yourself much more directly, much more exactly, much more succinctly, with properly used curse words.” Coleman Young
Most remarkable persons who impacted black history teach us great lessons of courage and determination. It is particularly because, despite the many obstacles they faced, they knew how to seize the opportunities and to use their numerous disadvantages to their greatest advantage. Coleman Young was Detroit’s first black Mayor. He is famous for fighting injustice and innovating black policies.
Like Coleman Young did in the past with Detroit’s black community, Dogmatic endorses this reassembling role of the Detroit hip hop community, reflecting the 313 in his music , like the true ghetto soldier he is.
Starting on a melodic, nostalgic yet rhythmic sounding musical introduction, Dogmatic will take you into his world with his Godfather track, representing his City with pride. You can’t stop Dogmatic’s unstoppable flow, his scurrilous and confident attitude. Hip Hop lovers will appreciate his strong delivery. “D Towners” can be proud of their representative who manages to draw a realistic picture of 8 Mile. Dogmatic, the “second half” of Promatic, never forgets to pay tribute to the true Mayor of Hip Hop. also know as Big Proof, his long term friend and collaborator.
In Turned Out, Dogmatic offers a very insightful reflection about the current state of hip hop. Appreciate the gifted emcee’s know how, his stormy flow delivery, his goal targetted punchlines on a rhythmic musical background. Get caught into Dogmatic’s word spiral, listen to his words, appreciate his raw honesty in exposing emcees.
Hopefully, you’ve become hungry for more. Dogmatic’s Like Coleman Young mixtape will be out soon. For more info check Dogmatic’s my space account.
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