Eminem teaches Jimmy Kimmel how to rap…

A friend recently recorded and sent me The Jimmy Kimmel Show of May the 19th, featuring Eminem and Mike Tyson. I had a lot of fun watching it. It tends to prove that Eminem hasn’t lost an ounce of his sense of humor. He was in great spirits and in good physical shape too. Being clean suits him well and despite the fact I don’t like his recent album that much, I saw him performing and I do think that he is still a great performer. The show was bananas- for real. I also enjoyed Mike Tyson’s part. On a side note, my prayers go out to the Tyson family: Mike Tyson lost his 4 year old daughter in a tragic accident recently:(
Now I came accross something really funny on Jimmy Kimmel’s website: you gotta enjoy Jimmy Kimmel learning how to rap. Looks like he’s got the right teacher.
Enjoy, folks.
Due to a busy schedule I haven’t been able to write much personal stuff like reviews and articles, but an interesting interview ( with a mystery artist lol) should be in the works and a CD review is coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Eminem teaches Jimmy Kimmel how to rap…”

  1. i think i’d have fun being taught this way…but would he take me seriously as an ” aspiring emcee”? i doubt it lol

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