Beautiful Eminem drawing, by my son Simon

At 14 only, my son Simon has developped some impressing skills…this is a drawing I’d like to share with you all:)

28 thoughts on “Beautiful Eminem drawing, by my son Simon”

  1. My gosh what talent your son has!! I see he gets it from his mama-meaning talent of expression runs in your family.. At this age wow I can only imagine what he will b drawing n how amazing it will be by 20..

    1. thanks for the compliment:)
      yes, hopefully, he’ll get better and better…i already posted some of his drawings when he was younger…he also drew Proof before he died…Simon is currently studying in arts and media and he is the best in this class regarding drawings:)

  2. Damn girl, the more I look at this pic… I see your family is blessed with talented, creative people!!!

  3. dang son…ure kid got some retarded skillz. he one dem autistic muthafuckas?…get that bitch down to the craps tables at vegas!

    1. Hey you asshole…you come to MY website to insult MY kid…he is one of the best pupils in his high school and not only in drawing (best grades in maths and he speaks 3 languages) so why don’t you just GO FUCK YOURSELF…you are the retarded one…if i were you i’d commit suicide for insulting other people’s kids i don’t know…
      p.s to the motherfucker: NEXT TIME I WILL BLOCK YOUR IP

  4. To whom it may concern: don’t insult my kid or I’ll kill you-virtually of course in case some retarded kids didn’t understand my warning…but i promise my words will smash your slow brains in!

  5. Damn dude, why insult her son… if you’d open your eyes you’d see he got some mad skillz, but I guess some people can’t help but show their ignorance and pick on a 14 year old boy! HOW SAD!!!

  6. i hate people who act like that ..Get a life> That jerk is just jealous that he most likly cant draw. I know how it is to have people talk crap about your kids. My stalker has even gone as far to start stuff with me while my 5 year old daughter at the time was in the back seat..PPL always have to try to insult someone whom is younger then them becuz they cant defend themselves,but I bet your son could draw way better act more like a man n beat him with words which shows intelligence unlike the moron has. Simon there will always be people enviess of you so keep doing your thing with your head held high an forgive the dumb becuz there dumb and keep up with you studies. I xpect great things from you..

  7. Losers who get at my kids will feel my anger…my kids are all i have in this world and i won’t let anybody, not even on the internet, pick on them…you dis my son? i’ll get at you 10 times harder, that’s a promise!

  8. Isa,
    There is always going to be someone, who makes rudes comments… and the bad part is they can only pick on a little kid… ONLY one word describes best them… ASSHOLE!!!

  9. this ” asshole” could also be one of these brainless groupie bitches who need drama at any price…well if you seek it you’ll get it…i’ll punch you right in the face..nobody touches my son!

    1. thanks…i truly appreciate your compliment, Will:)
      well, the artistic spirit lies in the family i guess…we are all attracted to art in different ways…

  10. Wow, your kid is only 14 years old and he can draw that! He’s got major talent. For myself, I have super talent. Basically I can draw anything u give to me. I say 3 more years and your son will be great at drawing. Get him in some classes, the only problem I see with the picture, is the shading but with his talent, it want take long. Tell him too keep drawing. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, John, for your comment…he keeps improving himself…hopefully he’ll be able to do that professionally someday:)

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