Dogmatic's ghetto talk: The Face Off/ mixtape review

Global rating of the product: 5 stars
Kevin Bailey aka Dogmatic is a heavyweight on the Detroit underground hip hop scene. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you must have been sleeping for too long!
The follow up of the Reality Show is now ready. If you liked Dogmatic preceding work, you are probably gonna enjoy The Face Off. It features numerous local Detroit stars, like King Gordy, Bizarre and Kuniva. Ready for a ride into the Detroit hood? Hear it from the mouth of a hip hop dedicated emcee.
Living in the hood is a constant fight against the devil. Dogmatic vs The Devil will transport the listeners into a scurillous atmosphere. The light, but nevertheless sharp minded instrumentals reflect the harsh spiritual fight that recalls the death of ghetto soldiers, like Dogmatic’s close friend and collaborator, D12’s Proof.
End Of Days: I really love that one. It targets the numerous fake MTV mainstream emcees. See, it is not about a salary, it’s all about reality. Like light raindrops the slight piano sounds in the background open up the curtain on Dogmatic’s description. Many of them rappers claim to be real, when the realest emcees are often overlooked by mainstream media. Never mind, Dogmatic. To the real connoisseurs, the dedicated hip hop heads, you are representing straight hip hop talk.
Turn It Up It’s Us features O. Trice. Rough souls, rough talk: both Detroit ghetto soldiers are taking over with confidence.
In Ghetto World, come share King Gordy and Domatic’s horrorcore vision of the ghetto. Unlike the vision that is present in many suburban teenager’s minds, ghetto life is far from being a fairy tale. Proof said it before, it is hard to survive in the 313. Have an attentive ear to Dogmatic’s astute syllable combination, enjoy his instrumental composition. Feel the menace hanging over your heads like a heavy rain cloud. The Dogmatic- King Gordy duo is doing some amazing work.
Feel the pressure In Hard To Keep It Real, as the instrumentals suggest it. In the jungle of the ghetto, it is sometimes very hard to know who is really on you side. In a landscape of backstabbers, you better watch your back.
Too Many Drinks will open up on a lighter note during which Dogmatic and D12’s Bizarre are drowning into alcoholic drinks.
What Up Doe is a typical Detroit greeting. It features Sick Notes artists Cdell and J.U.S. The repetitive melody totally enhances the artits’ mastered hustle and flow. I loved it!
Grand Theif Auto contains a Proof-Dogmatic sample. It includes Kuniva’s participation. The electric guitar sounds, the sirens and light chord sounds totally match with the keyboard sounds. The song is total darkness and total madness in a typical Promatic style. Well done.
Dogmatic and Ill lil of Sicknotes unite their talents on a rhythmic, enthusiastic and dynamic duo.
So, should you cop this mixtape? Definitely yes. If you like Detroit sounds and ( real) tales from the 313, Dogmatic is your man. Don’t sleep on his mixtape, it is truly a must hear!
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