A friend emailed me this papparazzi link…

Apparently, Eminem has been caught in Santa Monica, California. To all of you who are curious to know more, here is the link to brand new Eminem pics!

5 thoughts on “A friend emailed me this papparazzi link…”

  1. YEA!!!!!!!!!EM”S back maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just loveh is songs they are really from the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i also like how he speaks the truth and not all fake shit like some rappers do

  2. Eminem is the best rapper alive!
    He is back with “Relapse”! “Crack a bottle” is great song!
    He`s just so hip hop. Good rapper. I love him.

  3. once there was a living legend and then there was a Jonathon Ross show guest???? what was that all about…….long live the next llegend, this one is gone…

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