Avarice: tight music from the mind of a generous emcee

Avarice hails from Danbury, USA. Inspired by hip hop’s greatest such as Nas, Rakim, Big Pun and many more, the young emcee has developped a rich, original style of his own.
In his Strive song, his chords are hammering, introducing the listener, into a tense, heartbeat interrupted atmosphere that describes a dangerous living mode. Rough times, men trying to make fast money, the dirt of the city, each element perfectly fits with the musical background in which bass and violins work together to increase the tension. You gotta like this sharp worded style!
Bad decision is built on soft salsa sounding vocals. A vague of nostalgic words are about to invade the listener’s ear, but Avarice’s vocal strength forces it to vanish like a weak cloud trying to hide the sun for a second. His remarkable flow, his energetic delivery, his rage in spitting his words make Avarice stand out amoung the infinite crowd of underground emcees.
Character Assassination opens up in a very dynamic and swinging way. Powerful piano notes are combined with Avarice’s mighty words that recall centuries of slavery. Politically incorrect on purpose, the song raises some insightful past historical and political issues. It also points an angry fist at contemporary hypocritical politicians. Maybe not approved nor endorsed by Barack Obama, the song nevertheless represents the voice of the hood.
Keyboard and soft vocals start Don’t Understand. Again, Avarice’s strong flow delivery comes to shine.
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