Sice MJestic: compound rhymes straight outta Stuttgart, Germany

People with a good understanding of German language, who like the narrative and lyrical side of rap music will probably be conquerred by Sice Mjestic. His inventive, creative songs are a delight to your hip hop lovers’ ears. The stories in his songs might remind some listeners of Grimm’s Märchen. The young emcees allies lyrical strength to instrumental inventivity. You are going to like what you hear.
Rap 1- Teufel 0 is built like a captivating narration in which the devil visits the rapper in order to scare him. Despite his clear intentions to tear the emcee off, to rip his skin from his body, Sice Majestic opposes some powerful rhymes to the perverse master of darkness. Bass sounds contrast with lighter keyboard notes, in which light, darkness and a suspensful fight are strictly intertwined.
The spiritual fight is pretty much footballwise built. At the end of the song, the devil is sent back to hell, while Sice Mjestic scores 1.
32 Bars Quer is also a beautiful lyrical construction, in which Sice Mjestic flows like a devastating whirlwind.
In Dramaking 16er Contest, Sice Mjestic welcomes you into the world of my space competion. The young emcee who excels in handling words, begs to be different from all those annoying rappers who all sound the same.
Bring it home is a powerful, rhythmic composition. A euphoric spirit leads the song from the beginning to the end. Let him invade your ears with his ill flow. Mjestic stabs his opponents very astutely using the German language’s explicit imagery. I loved it!
Mjestic is probably one of German hip hop’s future heavyweights. You are going to like his instrumental and lyrical mastery. Enter his universe,find out more about Mjestic
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