Elevate your mind with the Illinois Sky Pilots

Ready for a lyrical and instrumental ride with the Sky Pilots? The group, that is composed of Rio G aka Dark Gable, Tribaluv aka Extra Butta and DJ E-Green aka Reese Black will offer you listeners a ticket for an intense ride in the air. With their good sound technique knowledge, the Sky Pilots manage to create some deep and special resonance. The Sky Pilots are spraying their dynamic and elastic sounds that seem to emerge from a universe of darkness that is reinforced by the use of dark vocals.
Like a plane taking off, The Whole Night is imbued with some rough, energetic, keyboard sounds while the powerful emcees will guide you through your adventurous journey. You are going to like the darkness, the inventivity in the use of various sounds combined with rhythmic keyboards. Lose your mind on the Sky Pilots lyrical date. Well done.
Passport accelerates without warning…however you are invited to relax during your trip. The Sky Pilots are hosting your space while invading your ears with their creative skills. I enjoyed the soft, nevertheless rhythmic track that puts a lot of efforts on the group’s vocal performance.
The Rhythm enlightens Jazmine Alison’s vocal talent…again, you are invited to follow them Sky Pilots for a crazy, unplanned ride…don’t take your seat belt off until the plane lands.
The artists’ vocal performances reveal a well mastered sense of rhythm, loads of creativity…get caught into a typhoon of verbal and instrumental dizziness.
Honestly, I don’t think the Sky Pilots could leave you indifferent. Check their page here.
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved