Eminem/ The Freestyle Show CD1/ review

Global rating of the product: 5 stars (a must hear if you like the world of rap battles)
Fans of Eminem from the very beginning perfectly know that the man’s genius lies in his astute way of handling words. This element is actually the one that made me even more appreciative of the talented emcee’s skills. And actually, those well handled rhymes are always those I come back to when I wanna listen to some good quality Eminem music, because those are the elements that made him stand out among a crowd of equally talented emcees. Eminem can play with words like no other-well, at least that’s my opinion.
I care less about his mainstream image and the liking of his mainstream fans. I admit that I prefer the time when Marshall Mathers was far more controversial, provocative, imbued with discontentment, rage and a warped sense of humor.
His Just Don’t Give A Fuck attitude made me feel lighter and still influences my every day life.
So let’s have a flashback to the glorious days of the well shaped Eminem rhymes and enjoy the ride!
Ready for war, yo? A bunch of catchy drum beats introduce Warplayer. Trumpets and scratches will slowly lead you into a lyrically scurrilous atmosphere. Follow Eminem into his humorous, verbal tornado.
Dissing Brandy and Mase increases the emcee’s killa spirit who comes up with the sharpest lyrical creation.
Rapper Mystikal gets lyrically butchered by a merciless Eminem. You gotta love the wittiness of Em’s lyrics! He totally tears you up in Elimination, a track in which there is only place for verbal annihilation.
Welcome into the colorful world of drugs where people get loco in no time while the talented emcee spreads his astute rhymes and gets you lyrically busted. This is what Coca Brovaz is all about.
The wonderful freestyle show Cd includes Eminem’s Weed Lacer freestyle that is actually one of the best verbal build up.
The CD also contains gems like Em’s final battle against Mc Juice at Rap Olympics and many freestyles in which he competes with the very valuable freestyler RIP Proof.
The Canopy freestyle puts Eminem and Proof’s words into a crazy verbal mixer. You are going to love the mic merciless « ass-whipping ».
Still Number One unites old school and new school. The rhythmic song features old school rap legend KRS-One. You will love KRS’ classic, funky, cadenced instrumentals that contrast with Slim Shady’s modern, innovative style.
Fuck You will confront you with Slim Shady’s ill character. Mad instrumentals will corroborate with the artist’s inventively thought rhyme.
The Rap City Freestyle starts in a quite mocking style in which Swifty will first rip the mic before Slim Shady murders the scene. Followed by an incisive Kuniva who stabs lyrically anybody who confronts him. Now it’s Proof’s turn to send his bad missiles. The song is truly a verbal explosion.
You’ll love the humor contained within the Tim Westwood freestyles. Again, Em and Proof’s brilliance are undeniable.
I invite you to explore The Freestyle Show CD 1 in depth as it honors hip hop to the fullest.
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  2. For some reason, I can only find censored versions of this… Is there an uncut one, or was this released clean only (that’d be a fucking shame)

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