Some new notes straight out of Solystic's lab…

I discovered Solystic, a young Detroit underground talent, back in 2005.
At the age of 20 only, the young artist seemed to possess great artistic qualities some veterans in the game are even deprived of. Since he started rapping Solystic used some astute instrumental combinations that he mixed up with a very confident flow delivery. His well worked on lyrics also made him stand out of the crowd.
Witty emcee Solystic has some new releases to share with his public. Let’s have a look.
A slight piano background, some soft guitar notes, soft words echoed in the background are the prelude to a personal drama. Things Changed is about a typical couple drama. They just broke up. The boyfriend is sad, but still reminescent of the good times. He sits there. As he walks back into the hidden zones of his memory, he can still hear his girlfriend’s laughter. A brutal come back to the reality will make him realize how much his girl changed. The nostalgy vanishes, leaving place for anger and bitterness. There he raps “I thought we was gonna be friends to the end…”, pouring his desperate heart out, blowing out words from his mouth, spitting his venom.
I love the contrast between the slow and fast instrumental parts. I love the true emotions that come out of the song. Solystic handles his words very well.
I didn’t like the Seductive song, though. Here you can do loads better, Mc Solystic.
Say Sorry unleashes a lot of reproaches towards an infidel lover. While drum beats hammer, a synthetic voice chorus mixes with light chords and scratches, revealing a tense situation. Again, you will be able to appreciate Solystic’s fluid flow delivery. The song is well done, emotional and speaks to the heart. I recommend it to you.
Lonely Girl features Tiere. Gradually intensifying the instrumentals will contrast with quite soft male voices, telling the tragic story of a young girl who’s been through rape and had her face cut. She’s only 12, pregnant and fears her dad’s anger…she’s running from home. This emotional story raises the problem of teenage pregnancies, that is so typical to dysfunctional families. They are still babies in their mentality, but have now to take responsibility for a new human being. Solystic manages to dissecate the young girl’s feelings with the craft of the lyrical surgeon he actually is.
Globally speaking, Solystic has done some great work again. I invite you to check his my space page here.
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  1. he’s good at doing his thing…he also works with Nate, but his work is prior to Nate’s.

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