A Eugene Tucker support group has been created on my space…

As Katrina Bell’s witty investigations tend to fully prove it, Eugene Tucker is innocent of the triple murder he has been accused of…I noticed that a new my space profile had been created in order to support the Death Row inmate.
If you hate injustice and if you’d like to help Eugene to have a voice in this world, please add the Eugene Tucker Supporter my space profile.
Thank you.
May peace be with all of you, fighters for more justice:)

9 thoughts on “A Eugene Tucker support group has been created on my space…”

  1. yea…i know…i think Eugene actually needs the world’s support, because if you had the occasion to read the eugene tucker advocates blog, you will see the results of the lawyer’s investigations…Eugene doesn’t seem guilty at all..she even has a hint about one of the suspects…
    All my life, I’ve hated injustice…that’s why i am asking people to support this profile:)

  2. This man murdered theese people, and is not innocent. Yet you r trying to get him off? I don’t understand u. I’m an ex gf, and there is alot you don’t know about the person he was then. So stop !!!!!!

    1. Hey Sharon, don’t come here to threaten me. I am a free human being. I am entitled to my opinion and I will speak my mind if if think Eugene Tucker is facing some injustice.

  3. see even his ex knows what violence this man is capable of ..his parents stop going to trials because they know his anger and abuse …it’s all written in black and white ..but you dont see it because your turning a blind eye to it …they have evidence they founf in the home i know this i was at the trials ..they found the duck tape and his semen and i dont care what he says they didnt have sex ..they founf books on how to properly take someone down and tie them up or restrain them ..with all the stuff found ….i’ve been there when he called with his threats ..i told annmarie to call the cops they didnt cause they said he did this often and never had he even showed up …but i guess he met his breaking point …i talked to my sister cindy that night everything went down…i had been at the house early that night i heard the calls he had been making to annmarie i was there ….and i was scared just to hear it …it makes me so sad for you that you guys cant see that he’s guilty …and i will be there when they fry him ….their mother lost her fight to cancer the day after the murders ..so she had to bury her kids before she lost her fight , how sad is that …their mom didnt even like eugene around !! cindy was my sister and best friend i know more about eugene then i would like to even before all this happened ..they all felt uneasy around him .sad but true …thank you sharon for speaking up ..because all people are hearing is what he wants them to hear !!

  4. I in no way am threatening you. I need to let you know the kind of person he is. This is a man, who raped me over and over again with an ax to my throat, This is some one who would call me at 2 o 3 in the morning and say I’m thinking of ways to disfigure you, this is a man who has beaten me, and many more. All I can do is pray. Because the Lord knows and see’s all. Many days I wake up and tell God thank you, cause that girl and her family could have been me. Isabelle, there is soo much more that I could tell you regarding this, but I don’t even think it would be worth it at this point, any thing I say is not going to change your mind.

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