Donna Kshir second book release

Following a tough schedule of interviews, appearances and promoting, new author Donna Kshir is releasing her second book in just three months.
In April, Kshir released her first book titled, “My Life’s Fight.” Kshir told the dramatic life story of mixed martial arts fighter Mark Bailey. Kshir’s book dramatically climbed the charts on the website, and to date maintains a 4 1/2 star rating. Kshir is best known for her ability to paint negative images of a tough childhood, that touch and feel like reality.
In a recent interview, Kshir was asked if she was happy with the results of her first book.
Kshir said, “there was a lot left out of Mark’s book, that I thought should have been included. In the beginning, the book was double in size, but in the end there was a lot of cuts. We had several guide lines to follow due to details of circumstances beyond my control. I felt, it left several questions un-answered, but our plans are to touch on them in the next book due out later this year. But in the end, Mark and his people were happy with the final result and overall so was I.”
Kshir’s second book titled, “Dear Diary- Oh Mother” is the first of a six book fictional series. The series is based on a elderly woman named Jade and her life experiences.
As an elderly Jade looks back on her life, she relives a lifetime of verbal abuse, regret and pain caused by her stepmother, Alice. Jade struggles with the tough decision to find forgiveness or go to her grave with hate in her heart. The end may just surprise you.
Kshir stated, “I am very excited about this book. I’m not telling anyone’s story, it’s my own creation of characters. I can’t wait for my friends and family to read it.”
Excerpt from Dear Diary- Oh Mother: “The worst day of my life should have been the day my mother died, but it wasn’t. I loved Mother because she was my mother, and I was taught to love and respect her. Mother wasn’t my birth mother; she was my stepmother. No one ever told me she was my stepmother. I accidentally found out when I was ten.
“While growing up, all of us children had daily chores. We had to do our chores immediately after school, and we had to finish them before we could go outside and play with our friends. One of my chores was to do the laundry. Once, while I was putting socks in my dad’s dresser drawer, I found an envelope of black-and-white photographs. I was curious, so I looked through them.
“I saw my dad with a woman who wasn’t my mom. She was cradling a baby and my dad had his arms around her. From the surroundings, I could see the photographs were taken in a hospital. I flipped the photograph over. On the back, someone had written in black ink, ”Chester, Elizabeth, and Jade. October 17, 1940.” That’s my birthday.
“I stood in shock. I was frozen in time. For the first time in my life, I was speechless. I tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come out. I couldn’t get the thought of this woman out of my mind. My mind raced. Who was she? Who is this woman, and why is she with my dad? Why does my dad have photographs of her? Am I that baby?”
Kshir’s book is available online at,, and

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