If the current state of hip hop left you into deep desperation, Warpath will revive the flame inside of you!

Warpath’s name rhymes with full dedication and faith. The highly skilled emcee’s colorful word scribble regenerates the notion of alive hip hop in our minds.
Today I’d like you to discover the track entitled Hip Hop. While blowing horns and scratches sounds make the b-boys dance, Elohim’s astute Catalyst will mix up words and match them together. Body and mind will work together thanks to the lyricism of a genius who loves his art with passion. Get caught in the rhythm, let the higher spiritual spheres take you away into a stormy verbal bullying spirit. Warpath truly blesses the mic.
Yes, that’s the way Warpath does it…a lot of you emcees should follow his example. Most contempory emcees might have forgotten it, but hip hop is something you LIVE.
Experience is produced by Eddie Logix who adds some sweet soul accents to Warpath’s rough, bloody rhyme crimes. Again, there is nothing but brilliance in Experience. Warpath flows like crazy and you hip hop loving folks are going to be enthusiastic about it! No doubt he’s killing it for real.
Life Lessons Ruff starts on a soft piano background. Learn from Warpath’s life experience. He went through tornados and managed to maintain a victorious, positive spirit.
Warpath describes the ghetto like a painter, with loads of realism. The track is beautifully rhythmic…and analytical as well.
My Love is produced by Eminent Ruff…Warpath opens his heart to the One who transformed his life. There is no such thing as love. Some instrumentals might remind you of Marvin Gaye’s.
If you’re tired of commercial (c)rap, remember to check Warpath.
Thanks to the talented emcee, hip hop has been restaured to its full meaning, once again.
Copyrightby Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved