Eminem fools LL Cool J (Aftermathmusic. Com)

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Eminem made a prank telephone call to LL Cool J this week, pretending to be a rapper named Jason on a US radio show. He phoned in to Sirius Satellite Radio’s Shade 45 programme on Tuesday, which is presented by Tony Touch. Fellow hip hop icon LL was a guest and was challenged to a game of ‘Name That Tune’ by the mystery man. Calling himself Jason, from Miami, Eminem recited a series of lines from some of Cool J’s songs, which he correctly identified. He then began to rap lines from his own track “Lose Yourself”, before revealing himself to the presenters and audience.
After being unmasked, Eminem invited LL over to his Detroit home, saying: “Listen, man, you got this relationship with Dre. “You’re cool with 50, so when are we gonna hang out? I got cable at my house, and the game is on.” Host Touch also took the opportunity to question the unexpected guest over his musical plans, which have been on a hiatus since 2006. “Everything is good. I’m just in the studio now working on songs”, Eminem told him.

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  1. it was funny, but how could LL not recognize Eminem’s voice? i wouldve recognized his voice the second he started talking

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