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As Summer holidays are approaching, I’d like to share some original and interesting walks through the French Capital with you. You might be keen on choosing Paris as your touristic destination.
I’ve always loved Paris. When I get the chance to travel there, I have a few areas of preference (not everybody might agree with my choice, but well…)
I once had a quite stressful day in Paris and really needed to break from any negative thought…so I followed my intuition, took the Metro and descended at Sentier.
Sentier is located in the 2nd area of Paris. It is an interesting luxury shopping area. However, the most interesting oasis of peace I found here is a hidden street, that resembles quite a little paradise. It is called rue Montorgueil. There you will find beautiful fruit and vegetables, many traditional bakers, cheese, fish, all excellent quality produce.

I could also mention a wide range of Cafes, but my favorite of all is certainly Planet Sushi, a very modern Japanese styled Cafe, with a soul-jazz musical atmosphere and very friendly waiters/ waitresses.

Rue Montorgueil is truly a haven of peace and if you’re lucky, you might find some musicians playing the guitar or saxophone in the middle of the street.
Although some people might priviledge some more comfortable Parisian areas, I’m also very fond of the popular ones like Barbes. (18th area)
“Besbar” like many of its inhabitants affectionate to call it, is a very interesting shopping area, if you’re looking for cheap mobi phones or cheap clothes. There you will also find the notorious Tati shop.
But what I like most is the mixity of population. Another interesting area, very close to Barbes is Chateau Rouge (18th area). Chateau Rouge is a black ghetto in the middle of the Capital. In this very lively and animated area, you will find loads of African products and an African market too.
If you like long boulevard walks, you definitely gotta visit Montparnasse (14th area). This very pleasant area also has some nice parks that are worth your visit.
I could mention a lot of other places, but the ones I mentioned above are definitely my favorites. Check them out when you get the chance!
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