No Encore for Shady clothing? (Goovevolt. Com)

Read the original article here. has learned exclusively that Eminem’s Shady clothing line will likely soon be a thing of the past. After a series of financial and creative ups and downs, and a prolonged sales slump, the Shady clothing line may soon be closing its doors.
Recent firings of key brand executives have done nothing to squelch the rumors that the brand will soon be a memory. Groovevolt’s sources, who asked to remain unnamed due to their proximity to the situation, say that the remaining honchos in the company are staging early-level talks to throw in the towel on the brand.
The Shady camp has refused to comment despite repeated requests, but industry insiders told that this talk is unsurprising, since there has been an attempt to phase out the brand for some time. “The company has been in talks with many investors but no one seems interested, including Eminem,” a source said.
The line, which was launched in 2003 by Nesi Fashion Brands – the same firm that created Rocawear – has had numerous problems over the past two years. A 2007 joint venture with Jay-Z and Rocawear (produced by Iconix Brand) did not meet expectations, and, as a result, the Shady brand made an unsuccessful transition from high-end retailers like Macy’s to lower-end concerns like Burlington Coat Factory and Kohls.
According to the same insiders, all attempts to bring the brand back to its “perceived” former glory have been unsuccessful and the brand is now in the process of shutting its doors. “This just adds to the list of successful musicians with unsuccessful clothing lines,” an industry insider said.
Groovevolt will update this story as more information becomes available.
–Ambre Nicholson, Contributing Editor

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