This post is quite selective…true hip hop heads only!

I am dead serious. If you’re a commercial hip hop driven listener, please skip this.
Saul Williams made some insightful comments about the current state of hip hop. Listen to what the brilliant emcee and poet has to say.
Feel free to comment, but ALWAYS in a respectful way. You are entitled to your opinion, but please remember than any insulting comment towards the artist or myself will be promptly removed.
Thank you.

4 thoughts on “This post is quite selective…true hip hop heads only!”

  1. I’ll tell ya, he’s saying some things I can’t deny or argue. Rather than ‘republicans’, I’d call them capitalists, while the Republican party lends itself (at least its image) to capitalism. I don’t see anything wrong with ‘getting mine’ (or you getting yours) or anyone being successful, financially or otherwise. As long as you don’t tread on someone else’s efforts to get theirs. But I’m rolling with a libertarian bent.
    On the other hand, there’s some with an ‘extra’ ten million laying around. It makes me wonder about inner-city elite students who leave crappy schools & walk home through parks looking like landfills.
    His comments about Hip Hop audiences building tolerance for intellectual crap, holding the illusion of separateness are spot on.
    Again, I don’t have any problem with celebs making mad money & wearing jewelry. I have problems with people doing it and people die in order for it to happen. I don’t care if the people dying are black or any other color. Nobody should be harmed in order for me to live in excess comfort.

  2. Omar, I’m glad to see you back…i checked your new version of your Detroit blog…very interesting, as always:)
    Well, thanks for your input…well, like you i have no problem with making money…who doesn’t want a comfortable life lol but i do think that the current state of hip hop is really worrying…i have zero respect for all those bullshit CD peddlers who dare to call themselves “rappers”…

  3. Isa,
    Have you seen Saul W. in any movies? I first seen him in Slam. He put on some great poetry in that one.
    I worry about the current stale hip hop going ’round too.

  4. No, I didn’t have that chance:(
    Yea, the current state of hip hop is worrying, because people who are not into hip hop usually think that the commercial crap they see on TV summarizes what it is about!
    It is quite schocking that the music industry turned some artits into simple CD peddlers…honestly speaking i have a very low opinion of Jay Z, Kanye West (how can one be so much self sufficient), 50 Cent…and i also think that Em and the Shady clan really fell off, musically speaking- with an exception for O. Trice maybe who seems to keep true to himself-at least for the moment…

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