Curious to know more about Eminem's ancestry?

I once made a quite complete Eminem family tree from both sides, that totally recalled the artist’s Scottish roots…but this is the most accurate info I ever found.
Credit to William Addams Reitwiesner for his precise and complete work:)
Have a look. Feel free to comment.
N.B: any obsessive comment will be promptly removed…this is in NO WAy an invitation to stalk the artist nor any of his family members!

6 thoughts on “Curious to know more about Eminem's ancestry?”

  1. Goddamn…. from the hell did that guy William Addams Reitwiesner got all this info in so much detail??? I mean till 11/GREAT-GRANDPARENTS 😮
    anyways Whats up Isabelle???? How r u doing??? Remember me?? Its been a long time since I visited ur blog… actually got a great complicated problem with my internet… but now finally I’m back!

  2. Rahul…good to see you again!
    Yes, i am truly impressed with Mr Reitwiesner’s work:)
    I’m doing good…quite busy at the moment, though lol

  3. i guess so lol…i find genealogy fascinating…i also know a little bit about my family’s history….most of my ancestors come from Germany (on both sides…i am lucky to have grown bilingual thanks to my German grandmother in particular:)

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