Ice Cube: Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (video review)

Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
Rating of the product: 5 stars
2008 seems to be a promising year for gangsta rap father Ice Cube. The amazingly skilled emcee is back with a good dose of ghetto rage inspired lyrics, his typical, classy instrumental style and his dope ass beats.
While picturing an annoying white man teaching ‘his truth’ to attentive kids about Compton City on behalf of the government, Ice Cube suddenly appears on the giant screen blind of smoke and ready to reveal the streets’ reality. A rhythmic piano background reflects a tense situation that allows no compromise for political correctness. An angry, bearded Ice Cube shows some teeth to his auditorium.
Angrily pumping his fist at the American government who likes blaming crime rates on gangsta rap, Ice Cube hits where it really hurts.
Blame him as much as you want, Ice Cube’s verbal power will burn you liars down:
“Blame me
You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow
You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow flow
You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow it’s R.A.W R.A.W”
Ice Cube perfectly knows where to point an angry finger when he talks about America’s cocaine business. It is quite easy to find out, as the talented emcee points it out:
“I’m raw as a dirty needle
Choke an eagle
Just to feed all my people
Lyrically I’m so lethal
Plant thoughts in they mind just to defeat you
Ice Cube is a saga ya spit saliva
And I spit lava
I got the fearless flow
Don’t get near this ho
If you sacred to go
I keep it gangsta and why should change that fuck all you muthafukas tryin to change rap
But arent you the same cat that sat back when they brought cocaine back
I’m tryin to get me a may back how you muthafukas gonna tell me don’t say that you the ones where we learned it from I heard nigga back in 1971”
Ice Cube doesn’t fear an hypocritical and corporate government. His verbal pugnacity allies a fighting spirit with a great dose of grittiness and sarcasm.
He’s not rhyming to please you. He is uttering the truth. Be aware that Ice Cube’s lyrics are a flammable product. The talented emcee ignited a fire that will fiercely spread among gangsta rap lovers!
His strong prophetic spirit confers him a real authority.
Watch Ice Cube’s excellent video here.
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