Mr Porter reveals details on Eminem, Detox, solo album & more…

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Denaun Porter aka Mr. Porter aka Kon Artis from D12 has been a busy man as of late. While putting in work for artists like Little Brother, Pharoahe Monch and Jay Electronica, Mr. Porter revealed to HipHopDX what he has coming up in 2008.
“I definitely am going to help get this D12 album done,” he states about working with his crew. “I got 6 songs that I’m in love with – not just because I did them but because the guys are spitting their hearts out.”
Porter also reveals a solo production album coming out this year titled Who Is John Doe.
“I’m putting out the Who Is John Doe project this year and it’s a great thing because it gives you a CD of all of the beats that didn’t make it (on other albums),” the Detroit producer explains. “It’s all chops and niggas ain’t never heard me do that. They are hearing beats that aren’t even put together. They are raggedy.”
The guest list is full of some of the Motor City’s finest.
“The album has got Guilty Simpson, it’s got Black Milk, myself doing solo songs, Phat Kat. It’s got all these cats I came up to listening with Jay Dee. It’s got Slum Village. Elzhi has a solo song on there. Dwele. So I made that project for myself before I go back out there.”
What Mr. Porter means by “before I go back out there” is supplying beats for Dr Dre’s swan song Detox. He – along with quite a few other notable producers – have been hard at work supplying the good Doctor with a plethora of beats. Many are curious what is going on with the project but Porter can give some insight.
“He just needs that first record,” he says of the hold up on the album. “He’s got records. We’ve busted our ass and I hope Dre feels that way. We really came to the table with different things. But Dre’s going to do that record. We’re not going to do it, we’re just giving him ideas. But Andre Young is going to come with it! It’s just his last record and he’s gotta go out with a bang!”
The one thing that piques the curiosity of many is the whereabouts of Porter’s close friend, Slim Shady.
“Eminem’s been recording, he’s always working. Me and him haven’t talked much because I have my own career.”
But although he hasn’t talked as frequently with his friend as many would think, Porter did take the time to squash a few rumors that had been hovering.
“Em ain’t fat,” Porter laughs as he talks about the blond emcee from 8 Mile. “He fucked his ACL up. What people don’t know is that Em got sick around Christmas and he had pneumonia. Then he fucked his ACL up right after that and that’s a serious injury. He’s straight. He just hurt himself and he’s good. He ain’t high or fucked up somewhere. That nigga is working. I’m going to help him get his record done. I need an Eminem record in my life for my own self. I need that.“
Porter also says that Eminem is completely clean and in great spirits.
“He’s the most clear and at his brightest point. That’s my family. We bump heads because we competitors. I’m cuter than him and he hates it. Bitches love me, they love him too but he got more money than me.“
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