D12 manager arrested ( PR online Com)

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My two cents to the subject: this doesn’t wonder me in the least! If you think I am just talking nonsense, please read my “backstage” experience back in 2004…I had some documents to hand out to the D12 members. Despite my valid backstage pass, the manager and co would only let teenage girls in. Please stop dreaming…those people are really not who you think they are!

The manager of EMINEM’s offshoot group D12 has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting two teenage girls.
Jeremy Nathaniel Geffen is expected to be arraigned on Monday (17Mar08) on felony charges.
Los Angeles police claim the alleged assaults took place at Hollywood parties and at Geffen’s home, with one of the 16-year-old girls stating she was assaulted in December 2006 and again a month later (Jan07).
Geffen’s attorney, Danny Davis, tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper that he “strongly respects” his client’s “presumption of innocence.”

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