Mr Dudley: taste that Tottenham (UK) talent!

With his typical British accent, Mr Dudley will take you people by surprise with his astute combination of electronic sounds and typhoon alike word flow. Mr Dudley totally masters compound syllable combination and celerity. With his unique style of his own, this North London artist will truly amaze you.
It is quite difficult to classify his music, although some of his tracks seem to fit into UK garage music.
You are probably going to love his reprisal of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams songs featuring BDK. With a great dose of arrogance, grittiness and word fluidity, Mr Dudley adds his personal note (and genius) into the well known song. I loved it!
You Don’t Know Me is based on rhythmic keyboard sounds. Again, Mr Dudley manages to transport the listener into his very cadenced universe in which quick and astute wordplays do matter.
You Give Me Fever will make you enter into a world of mental contradiction that is followed by hot feelings. Open you ears and listn to Mr Dudley’s dialogue in which he pours his heart out…one can only prize the musical creativity the artist puts into the song.
Dark tuba sounds introduce Marina Gasolina. The track combines swinging drum beats, Latino and African flavored sounds, Mr Dudley’s specific know how. Feel the intensity of the song that mentions hip hop pioneer Afrikaa Bambaataa.
If you are keen on discovering something intense, passionate, new and refreshing, go visit Mr Dudley’s my space account.
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