Back to the real roots of hip hop with female Mc Lyte…

With her good dose of raw energy, her raspy voice, her rhythmic instrumentals, her presence and personality, Brooklyn female rapper MC Lyte has fully proven that she has enough skills to captivate hip hop lovers’ full attention.
Mc Lyte’s hip hop knowledge and rapping history goes back to the early 80’s. With her astute use of lyrics, her genuine spirit that carries a true hip hop rage, Mc Lyte will transport you into her universe.
No doubt your hip hop loving ears will enjoy the subtle funky soul combination of old school flavored The Wonder Years. Mc Lyte is spitting her lyrics with determination, punching her targets with no mercy, introducing the public into the harsh world of true emceeing.
Hardcore sounding electric guitars, catchy drum beats, here comes Mc Lyte like a thunderstorm, smashing vowels with an amazing ease. Her male partner in crime adds to the very rhythmic atmopshere in which weak emcees get slapped lyrically. Ready for a mic check?
With the Beautiful song, Mc Lyte conceals lyrical ease and instrumental inventivity. Moreover, she carries a dynamic spirit that will enlighten your day!
Mc Lyte has totally proven that female emcees have a little bit more to show than a nice and well built body (she’s very beautiful, though!).
Discover her music here.
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