Exclusive Kenan Waters interview!

Kenan Waters is a young British rapper who is truly blessed with some good emceeing skills…I had the chance to interview him a few days ago…enjoy your read:)
1. What motivated you to become a rapper?
-At Christmas a few years back, my Mom bought me an Eminem CD, when I heard it I couldn’t believe how amazing it was,
I started listening to Jay-Z, Dr Dre, Tupac and Tha Trademarc.
As I got older I realized how more rappers were entering the scene, and some of them were talking about complete bullshit, I decided I would start writing lyrics about how I felt at that particular time on that particular day and since then i’ve picked out 5 of the songs I made so far, good enough to record – Every Day, High Weather, New Kid, Walking Rich.
Talking straight and making a difference is what kicked me off.
2. What is the biggest challenge you had to face since you started rapping?
-Letting people know that a teenager can still be as good as an artist as an adult.
I obviously know many adults and personally I think I have more commitment than many of them.
3. In your songs, you are talking about a very specific British related knife culture and its consequences.
According to you, what could be done to prevent the youth from violent behaviors such as stabbings etc…?
-Well I don’t think anyone can change an actual person, and someone who can stabs or uses that type of violence is not a nice person.
I think it’s the parents where it comes from as do many now a days, they need to keep there Children under control.
4. Do you think that your songs will help young people to understand that violence isn’t the solution?
-Hopefully. I believe that if I can get signed and actually record a lot more (i’m on a low budget for recording)… then I would be able to get more messages out there and if so, yes it could help them to understand that they could be doing better stuff, being creative.
5. According to you, what makes a unique and original artist of you in the rap game?
-Well I feel I’m different to a lot of other rappers,because I’m younger than them, and I talk about different things to a lot of them.
6. Who is your biggest musical influence?
-EMINEM of course!
7. Which artist (s)-underground or mainstream- have earned your respect and why?
-To be honest, I don’t really listen to Underground or Mainstream.
8. Besides hip hop, which kind of music do you listen to?
-Some RnB and some Pop.
9.What are your thoughts about the current state of hip hop?
– I think Hip Hop is at its best, it would be the BEST it’s ever been if Tupac and Proof were still alive, some rappers currently are nothing special – that’s just my opinion and im sure some think it about me too.
10. Do you have any musical projects for 2008?
-Yes, this year I’m going to try and record as much as possible, as I said i’m on a low budget so getting signed would be awesome.
11. Which artists have you collaborated with already?
-Tha Trademarc (WWE Wrestler John Cena’s Cousin), Kriminal and Outrage.
12. Old school or new school- where goes your preference?
-A bit of both…
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