Exclusive Noah Jones interview

1. What truly motivated you to become a rapper?
-My passion for music and the attention and respect rappers get just for using words in a sentence…speech is a powerful tool that allows us to relate to each other and get our points across.
2. Who is your biggest influence in hip hop?
– Myself!…..im not influenced by anyone in the music industry…I’m influenced by the things I go through on a daily basis which i explain in my music…..I get inspired by other artists but not influenced…
3. What are your thoughts about the current state of hip hop?
– I really don’t like majority of the hip hop music out…it seems like its less creative and more gimmicky…because I’m a writer and I take time to create what I feel is good music, I hate to hear songs that seem like they were thrown together in a couple of minutes
4. You have lived in different places such as Peekskill, NYC, St Louis and now you live in California? Which place was the most inspirational for your music and why?
– Peekskill NY is my birthright…that’s where I got my personality and my drive for music….St Louis is where I learned how to open my mind and embrace different types of rap music (they listen to different stuff than in NY) and California is where I have had my most success so far because i have learned how to fuse the cultures of all 3 coasts to make me sorta like an emcee hybrid!!!
5. Since you got started as a rapper, what is the biggest challenge you had to face?
-The biggest challenge has been convincing people that I’m just as talented as their favorite rappers except i dont have the budget that they have….money makes people seem bigger than they actually are….
6. Which artist(s) (mainstream or underground) do you respect most in the game and why?
– I respect Twista’s grind, Ludas versatility, LL Cool J’s longevity, 50 cents achievements in such a short album span, Jay z’s influence over rap, Juelz’ voice, Eminems lyrical delivery and content, Big Daddy Kane for making me want to become a rapper, Nas for being the face of lyricism in NY, Outkast for daring to be different, common for not having to be cool in order to be cool, and Dr. Dre for changing the music culture for a whole coast!
7. According to you, which elements in your music make a unique artist of you?
-Concepts, (because I incorporate actual events in my songs)
Versatility, ( i go from R&B to street to conscious to controversial, to party, to club…i have no set style…i cant be typecasted into a certain genre of hip hop…..i make music for all types of listeners…..)
Delivery, (because i switch my flow patterns for every song)
professionalism, (because I one take all of my songs)
voice, (its different and recognizable)
showmanship, (onstage I do my best to put on a show and give the audience their moneys worth)
beat selection, (I choose beats from all regions not just where I’m located…so my music reflects the cultural diversities of the East, West, Midwest, and south)
I feel that I have elements from each of the artists mentioned in question # 6
8. A few words about your upcoming album, Conscience/ Controversy, that is due to release in April 2008?
-the album CONSCIENCE/CONTROVERSY is pretty much a mixture of some of the things that have plagued my life since childhood….the negative moments, the positive moments, my feelings for things such as religion, music, other rappers, my family life, my 9to 5 job, and how I feel about myself as a person….there are a lot of mood swings and personal insights that allow the listeners to get to know me as an artist, a person, a father, and a hard worker (hustler)
9. What inspires you to write your music?
-The many emotions that I experience on a daily basis…like family problems, stressful work environments, the pressure of the music business, being a good father, and my close friends that push me to keep going until time catches up with me (ahead of my time)
10. Which artist you haven’t collaborated with yet do you envision a collaboration with in a near future?
-I would love to do a fast rapping all-star joint with ME,LUDA,BUSTA,and TWISTA
11. Besides hip hop, which musical genres do you listen to?
-mostly just R&B
12. Having a special gift for writing since your early childhood, do you consider the lyrical part as the most important in rapping? If so, why?
-the lyrical aspect is extremely important but in my opinion whats most important is putting together the best possible song (from hooks, to message, to beat)
13. . If you could choose between Eastcoast, Westcoast or Midwest rap, which one would you pick?
– I cant really choose one…id take the Eastcoast flow, the Midwest and Southern love (they stand behind their artists) and the Westcoast producers (everyone out here makes beats lol)
14. Define your own music within a few words…
Noah Jones’ my space account.
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