Presenting one of Detroit's heavy weight emcees…

His name? Bobby Sealz.
Bobby Sealz is one of those Detroit underground emcees who priviledge heavy bass and keyboard sounds. His artistic wittiness probably lies in his astute mixing of dark basslines with some filthy hardcore elements that he intelligently combines with a sharp and raspy voice.
In I Got A Baller Belly, Bobby Sealtz flows with ease, taking over with the authority of his heavy weight status. Despite its darkness, the track isn’t totally deprived of humor.
Unlike the preceding song, Hot Spot is a mixture of softness and rhythmic rhymes. Bobby Sealz sharp voice totally kills it. Like the destructive action of a machete, Bobby’s words slaughter in a very merciless manner.
Discover Bobby Sealz, a man of passion here.
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2 thoughts on “Presenting one of Detroit's heavy weight emcees…”

  1. Thats was a nice review we all appreciate it. it’s about time someone has recognized the magnitude of Bobby Sealz’ talent the boy is amazing!! By the way i’m his in house producer by the name of R.C.F.3 i produced Baller Belly and several other songs on his debut album soon to hit the streets. For someone to recognize the talent of one of detroit’s most prolific artists it’s really an honor! Thank You Very Much!! Sincerely R.C.F. 3 (best hand entertainment)

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