Bizarre/ Blue Cheese N Coney Island CD review

Global rating of the CD: 4.5 stars
D12’s Bizarre is an emcee who is definitely worth his weight. His brand new CD, Blue Cheese N Coney Island is determined to give you listeners a double taste of both cities, Detroit and Atlanta. Our place of birth, our hometown and the place we live in (when different from our hometown or place of birth) deeply shape our habits and , generally speaking, our vision of the world.
The town in which we chose to establish can tailor our mentality and mood. Rufus Johnson aka Bizarre is no exception to the rule. The Detroit native, deeply rooted with the Detroit hood and its culinary habits has chosen to relocate to Atlanta. He is actually the only D12 member to live outside of Detroit.
Rich of both town’s heritage, Bizarre will offer his listeners a panel of interesting artistic collaborations such as King Gordy, Young Miles, Tech9ne, Scarchild, the incredible vocalist Monica Blaire and many more.

A drop of metal electric guitar notes enhanced by some rhythmic drum beats and here comes King Gordy with his dirty hardcore spirit accompanied by his partner in crime, a fat boy named Bizarre.
A good flow, an astute rhyming content, some filthy and hilarious lyrics will guide the listener into an instrumental complex universe.
Let the king of horror core open a devilish world of lyrical depravation that isn’t exempted from a good dose of humor while Bizzy reps in his usual sick hilarious style.
Knock Them Out is fulfilled with tension. Hammering keyboard sounds, catchy drum beats, a King Gordy who is determined to spread terror around him will give the song its whole dimension. Tech9ne s valuable lyrical performance needs to be underlined too.
So Hard is the lyrical jewel of the CD in which Monica Blair s talent comes to shine. The depth, the strength, the warmth of her voice leads the song to a very emotional dimension in which Bizarre puts his passion for hip hop into words. The piano sounds, drum beats, keyboard sounds and claps work together to create a spiritual atmosphere in which the listeners will understand the artist’s passion, his sweat and tears, the harshness of the artistic world and a firm will to accomplish something in this world.
The astute combination of gospel and rap crowns the song’s beauty.
Like light drops of rain nourishing the face of the earth, each note, each cry, each good and bad memory will allow the source of the real faith to spread and grow. The song is also a moving homage to RIP Big Proof.
None of you should skip So Hard, because it is a heartfelt song.
Working with 7 Nation and KB, combining guitar, drum beats and chords, Bizarre will tell you the story of his big hustle.
Raw like the Detroit hood spirit, representing the 313, Young Miles, Kuniva and Strech Money introduce the song with some sharp lyrics and raspy voice. Violins, keyboard sounds, drum beats combined altogether sweat a runaway and terror spirit that defines the Murder Capital.
Get This Money is written on a cool melody based on soft vocals and instrumentals that contrast with Bizzy’s sharp reps and determined spirit.
Got This Addiction: let Bizzy offer your ears a poetic narration of his addiction. Hear the complaint of an imprisoned and empoisoned mind whose pain is musically defined by a subtle combination of guitar and electric guitar sounds.
Wicked that features Twisted carries a dark spirit that is continually enhanced by the monotonous organ background. However light is never too far from the dramatic dimension of the song. Catch the humorous words inside of a world of insanity.
Start a Mosh Pit is a swinging club song. That stuff is much more commercial. Honestly, I found it less likeable.
Cakin features NYC artist Scarchild. Meet an untrustworthy boyfriend during a private party with his fellows Dub, Gam and King Gordy.
Don’t miss Da Fat Boy Dance and its catchy musical background. The master of the ceremony, Bizarre, will teach you how to rub your stomach with lyrical ease and loads of humor.
The album ends up on a funny note with Fat Boy featuring King Gordy. Shake your belly and dance along with Bizzy.
So what is noteworthy in Blue Cheese N Coney Island? Think of the use of different musical genres such as hip hop, metal and gospel. Pay attention to the Southern, East Coast and Midwest musical influences. See how many efforts have been invested into heartfelt memory. Don’t forget to mention the numerous talents participation, the subtle combination of humor plus horrorcore and a spirit that is so typical to D12’s Weirdo.
So should you cop this CD? Definitely yes. Rufus Johnson’s creativity should be given a chance if you ask me!
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  1. I’ve known Bizarre before D12 and he got at me through myspace and asked me to do a hook on a song he had for his new album! so of course I dropped a hook and a verse for my man.He looked out for me and it came out sweet along with K.B.whom I haven’t met yet but he kilt it too! Don’t sleep this album defines Bizarre as Detroit’s legendary MC that still reps like a Vet and looks out for his own….Thanks again bro’mo’! you got a classic!

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