All eyes are on Bizarre this month…

Dear readers,
I admit that Bizarre’s music might not be to everybody’s taste.
However, since he released two CDs within a short period- more precisely a CD and a mixtape-I will focus my efforts on reviewing his work.
I just completed the Blue Cheese N Coney Island CD review and will offer you my thoughts on the Bizarre’s world mixtape hosted by Young Mase very soon.
To all of you who really like the artist, enjoy your read. Well, to the others: I promise to focus on other hip hop subjects too, so please be patient!

One thought on “All eyes are on Bizarre this month…”

  1. Watch out world this album clearly bangs in every genre and needs promoted like any other platinum artist album should its fist week and this shows Shady Records how a artist already signed needs that extra pub to keep the world wanting more because the fans miss D12 its long over due…Big Proof would agree also, trust me.

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