Proudly representing with his Dozen song, Swifty Mc Vay will hit you hard with his fist…(song review)

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The lyrical bomber of the D12 crew is back on a very rhythmic, dark hammering piano background. His loud musical background draws the listener a dark environment of hatred in which his lyrical power will counterpunch anybody who would dare to attack him.
A combination of his lyrical astute construction, a sharp voice and an offensive spirit, purposely eardrum perforating violins combined with a mad rhythm will allow the listener to walk into a wicked D12 ambiance in which music and rhyme matter as much as the killer spirit that carries the music.
Swifty Mc Vay cultivates his ill tempered and offensive disposition with the same enthusiasm and gansgta spirit Ice T did years ago, with the terrific I’m a nightmare walking, psychopath talking line.
The menace of the hood is here, juggling with words with his typical verbal dexterity, bringing drama into the scene.
Often underestimated regarding his solo talent, Swifty Mc Vay deserves more recognition for his lyrical brilliance.
If you enjoyed Swifty’s Dozen song, you will probably be thirsty for more.
Listen to his Forest Fyres mixtape here.
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Swifty Mc Vay is a gifted emcee who has fully proven that he has some obvious individual qualities as an emcee out of D12. Give him a listen, you won’t be disappointed!
You are also invited to discover whole Fyre Department, a valuable 7 Milers crew Swifty is currently working with.
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