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Be on the lookout for Bizarre’s brand new album, Blue Cheese N’ Coney Island…on October the 23rd!!!
DJ Booth: What’s goin’ on ya’ll? It’s your boy “Z,” doin’ it real big, and joining me inside the DJ Booth is a member of the Dirty Dozen that wants to make sure there is no discrimination when it comes to the creation of dance moves for overweight fellas. Please welcome Bizarre of D12 – how you doin’, my friend?
Bizarre: I’m all right, man, I’m doin’ great.
DJ Booth: The lead single off the new album is, “Fat Boy.” In the chorus, King Gordy sings, “’cause he’s a fat boy, but he’s movin’ like Beyonce.” Have you ever attempted a dance move in the club that you felt you had no business doing and it inadvertently may have hurt yourself?
Bizarre: Not in the club. Probably at home, practicing in the mirror, in front of some friends, maybe. I ain’t crazy enough to go out in the club and do it.
DJ Booth: You’ve been rockin’ the shower cap as a fashion statement for years, but it’s never really caught on as a trendy look. Out of nowhere, Soulja Boy comes along with his name written on his sunglasses in White-Out, and it’s a national craze. Bizarre, what is our world coming to?
Bizarre: Oh, man, it’s what it is, baby, it’s hip hop, and as hip hop changes every year – I think it’s a good thing. Never runnin’ out of originality. Trends and fads start, one person just starts it, and they’re not afraid to start it– next thing you know, the whole world’s doin’ it.
DJ Booth: New album is “Blue Cheese & Coney Island.” For those confused about the title selection, explain its connection to a certain Detroit delicacy.
Bizarre: Everybody in Detroit knows that Coney Island is our biggest restaurant, as far 24-hour joints, where you can go get your Coney dog at night. That just represents Detroit, and then blue cheese is the big thing in Atlanta, so basically Atlanta and Detroit is what the album is sayin’.
DJ Booth: Everyone has a special condiment they add to a favorite meal that others might find disgusting. Personally, I love ranch dressing on my pizza. What is your secret combination?
Bizarre: I like heavy mayo on all my sandwiches.
DJ Booth: You put mayo on your dogs?
Bizarre: Nah, not hot dogs, that’s one thing I don’t. [laughter]
DJ Booth: Now I know a Coney Island dog has a lot of chili on it – what about ketchup? In Chicago, where I’m from, ketchup on a hot dog is an absolute no-no.
Bizarre: In Detroit you got ketchup and mustard and onions is a must.
DJ Booth: Let’s shift gears from food to music once again. D12 has a third album on the horizon. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to, though, seems to be pretty mum on the project’s details. Can you give my audience something more than the typical, “It’s coming?”
Bizarre: It’s coming, man! [laughter]
DJ Booth: Come on, you gotta give me something better.
Bizarre: That’s all I can say, is its coming. We worked on it, we’re halfway done, we just gotta get in the studio with Marshall, put the finishing touches on it, and it should be comin’ to y’all early next year.
DJ Booth: Okay. Is there a tentative title already picked out?
Bizarre: No, not yet.
DJ Booth: Okay, is there a tentative title that you picked out that you just don’t wanna tell me?
Bizarre: No, no, we haven’t picked the title out yet.
DJ Booth: The biggest difference on the upcoming project will obviously be the absence of founding member and close friend, DeShaun “Proof” Holton, who was sadly killed two years ago. I actually had the good fortune of interviewing Proof exactly three weeks before his untimely death, and I know firsthand how special he was. Bizarre, explain what Proof brought to D12 that without him will be lost?
Bizarre: Well, Proof was a general man, a leader, the life of the party. He was a whole bunch of stuff rolled up in one, man. He was our leader, basically, and a great guy, a great father, a great friend. All of the above. Proof had a lot of knowledge and advice for everything.
DJ Booth: On the new album you have a song entitled, “So Hard (Letter to Proof).” Describe the emotions that you experienced while writing that song.
Bizarre: Oh man, it was a lot of emotions. There’s emotions with Proof, my life, things I’ve been through – it’s a very emotional song. Sometimes I can’t even listen to it.
DJ Booth: Do you think that when your listeners hear “So Hard,” it might be different from what their typically used to from you as an artist with your outrageous lyrics and your personality.
Bizarre: Yeah, they might think it’s different, but it’s real though, and what’s real is real, and you can’t do that. I got a lot of outrageous lyrics and I still do, but something happened tragically in somebody’s life, [I] want to express yourself in a song, you can’t do nothing but respect that.
DJ Booth: If you don’t want to talk about it, I completely understand. Take us back to April 11th, 2006 – who actually placed the phone call to you to let you know about the unfortunate news?
Bizarre: I think my bodyguard was the first person to call me.
DJ Booth: A lot of people say that when they hear about a death, they don’t want to believe it’s true until the funeral or the wake. When did it really hit home for you that Proof was unfortunately gone?
Bizarre: At the funeral. I was in Atlanta when it happened. I got up there, ‘cause the rest of the group had been dealing with this at the hospital, but I didn’t really get a chance to really see death until the funeral.
DJ Booth: Walk us through the last conversation you remember having with Proof. What were you talkin’ about?
Bizarre: I don’t remember the last conversation, it had been a minute.
DJ Booth: Let’s shift gears again. Back when you released your first solo album, “Hannicap Circus,” the first single was entitled “Rock Star.” Since then, every rapper and their mother has released a rock-influenced or themed song. Are you receiving royalty checks or at least thank you cards?
Bizarre: [laughter] No, man, it’s all good. People do their thing – rock stars started way before me, man. Rock stars have been around a long time, it’s all good. Maybe my song was just a little bit ahead of its time.
DJ Booth: Ten years from now, what will Bizarre be doing on a Wednesday morning in October. Prophesize for me.
Bizarre: Ah, I don’t know, man. Probably still workin’. I’ll have a label, in a place of relaxation on a boat, lookin’ at CNN tryin’ to get the Lions score, see if they won on Sunday.
DJ Booth: So you remembered I said I was from Chicago. You had to bring up the fact that the Lions beat the Bears, why’d you have to do that?
Bizarre: Yeah, they beat ‘em, and they’re gonna beat ‘em again at Soldier Field.
DJ Booth: Oh, those are fightin’ words right there!
Bizarre: [laughter]
DJ Booth: Last question for you – last week in the newspaper Roy Williams, your star wide receiver, was quoted as saying he doesn’t believe in tipping the pizza man. Do you feel the same or do you tip your pizza man?
Bizarre: Yeah, I’ll tip a pizza man – I don’t think it’s as serious as goin’ to a restaurant, but I think if your order is seventeen dollars, and you give the pizza man twenty, you should just let him have that three dollars.
DJ Booth: Okay, that seems fair. I agree completely. Give everybody a website or a Myspace address so they can find out more about you and your upcoming release, “Blue Cheese & Coney Island.”
Bizarre: If you wanna find out more about Bizarre and the release, go to, or hit me up on
DJ Booth: I wish you nothing but the best of luck with this release and your upcoming D12 album.
Bizarre: All right, cool!

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