B.O.B: Atlanta's pride

B.O.B is an Atlanta hip hop master whose nicknames has different meanings according to the situations he might be facing. So B.O.B can simply mean Bring One Blunt, Business Over Bullshit or Beats On Blast and so on.
I discovered the remarkable emcee a few months ago, around Easter, thanks to a mixtape entitled Inspired By The South Volume 13 made in collaboration with DJ G-Spot, in which B.O.B has some brillant demonstration of his craft to offer.
B.O.B is the kind of emcees that doesn’t leave my hip hop loving ear indifferent. His well mastered flow delivery, his good lyrical skills combined with an original use of his instruments definitely make this man stand out in the various world of hip hop.
Haterz featuring Wes Fif is built on synthetized sounds. B.O.B will attack his haters with an ironic and offensive attitude accompanied by his accomplice in crime, Wes Fif. All eyes are on him, haters are all around, looking at the ground, ready to get knocked out and to hit the dust.
B.O.B’s windy flow delivery will punch them haters right in the face. The dynamic dimension of the track will probably enchant you. Don’t sleep on that song!
Use Ur Love is built on an electric guitar background. The dark instrumental background will let the listener guess about men who abuse girls about real feelings. Follow B.O.B with his bad intentions.
Altlanta Georgia: let B.O.B rep his city with his typical Dirty South instrumentals. The gifted emcee managed to combine a rhythmic and rapid flow delivery with a beautiful sense of pride for his city. B.O.B is incredibly good at doing his thing. Enjoy. his Atlata Swanging track with delight.
Dark bass sounds in contrast with soft violin notes and an entertaining melody introduce Cloud 9, a soft- bitter song. Say Goodbye, Good Night to the entertainer who is ready to take a trip in the colored world of smelly blunts. The ballad alike track is very melodic. It will allow you to navigate into the forbidden world of Mary Jane consumers.
If you haven’t heard about the skilled Atlanta rapper named B.O.B, discover his my space account here.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved