Empovered rhymes by $treydog

Streydog is an Ohio artist from Columbus who knows how to put fuel on the fire of his passion for hip hop. The talented artist will give wings to his words and recruit you in no time as an enthusiastic follower.
Get caught into his euphoric, rhythmic storm of words and let the passion get hold of you. Go is built of a strong symphonic violin backgrond that contrasts with some dark and catchy drum beats. $treydog is one of those genuine emcees who will make his audience feel what hip hop is all about. Like a mighty warrior, $treydog carries his astute rhymes. An attentive ear will benefit from his lyrical mathematics. Go is a victorious army taking over with its powerful words, rhythm and flow.
Real Hip Hop will probably catch your ear too. Let $treydog freestyle with ease and then bless the mic on an electric guitar background. Real Hip Hop is about mastering and matching words with ease and a great dose of cleverness. $treydog is definitely not your average emcee: let him put the game on a higher, intellectual and metaphysical level. Let him show you the art of rhyming for the sole beauty of it.
Love Me Not is introduced by softer vocals. The listener will guess easily the dramatic background of the song. $treydog will pour out his broken heart.
Lov2mc is a remix of the Go song. Feel the mathematical beauty of $treydog’s lyrical bullets. He spits with an amazing precision, never missing his target, ready to enflame hip hop lovers heart.
Discover the wordsmith who will make you proud to be a hip hop fanatic here.
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  1. $treydog is a lyrical master!!!! And a great artist!!!! I give him much love and respect!!!! And I am the most lucky woman in the world to know him!!!!!!!!!! Madd love to ya baby!!!! Keep being you!!!!!!!!!

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