Pentagon'ron: raw beats from Kansas City, Missouri

Pentagon’ron is a dynamic group composed of Rawbeatzz,Skrillagettaz,Kutty M.A.C.,Street Co. who share their unconditional love for hardcore hip hop sounds with some raw beats.
Anotha day, anotha dolla, anotha beat are the words that introduce Down In Tha Town, an incisive track that is rich of a conqueror spirit. With their gritty voice and their witty spirit, Pentagon’ron is taking over in no time. Brilliantly repping KC with pride, the artists’ hustling spirit will overflood the place in no time.
Paper Route is enhanced with claps, keyboard sounds, violin and flute notes, a good flow delivery and a true OG spirit. Listen to the money makers and learn from them how they do it.
Watcha Chevy Like is built on symphonic violin sounds and rhythmic claps. The song is a good demonstration of the different artists individual vocal and lyrical talents.
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Listen to the Kansas City paperboys here.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved