Black Liquid: appreciate some swinging sounds straight out of Virginia

With their dark minded style, their incisive and researched lyrics, their rhythmic instrumentals, Black Liquid brings a new, fresh dimension into the various world of hip hop. Watch Out For the Devil is based oin a subtle sense of rhythm, a sharp political analysis of contemporary America, a true vision of the hood and its racial problems. The bass musical background is intelligently mixed up with some strident vocals. Welcome to a world that seems to be lead by the power of the evil and its demons.
The song definitely offers an insightful analysis of a sick society.
Still is also introduced by a dark bass and drum sounds. With a confident and rapid flow delivery, Black Liquid will force respect among their audience. Both artists rhyming ability is a remarkable duo work that won’t leave the listeners indifferent.
RIP is built on drums and violin notes. The slow start of the song is a reminder of teh ghetto’s allday reality. Day after day, people are losing their brother and peers. Let the wordsmiths allow you to penetrate into a merciless universe in which each vowel plays its specific role.
7:30 will bring you into a very dynamic mood. The song describes the start of the day with its rush. Hurry, hurry and follow Black Liquid in their rhythmic journey full of dynamite.
Keyboard and drum sounds will reinforce the energetic song.
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