Straight from the Illinois streets: a damn gutter sound brought by Gully Da Grench

If you like some good, hardcore hip hop straight from the streets, Gully Da Grench will probably manage to seduce you with his cartoonish ways. With his dirty south instrumental background, his gritty voice, the true hustler Gully Da Grench actually is appears on the scene with a proud arrogance, ready to attack with his verbal weapons. Walt Gully is based on a repetitive musical background that intensifies the tension as the song goes on. Gully has a rough and rugged, unpolished style that will certainly please hardcore hip hop fans.
Catch Me In The Hood is fulfilled with an aggressive and offensive spirit. Grimey, crooked and full of confidence Gully will share his good street knowledge with his listeners, while the keyboard sounds do hammer in the background. Catch him hustler in the hood.
Dark chord, keyboard sounds, violins introduce Wipe My J’s. Again, Gully’s confident spirit combined with a dark, raspy voice will give the song its full dimension. Let the artist share his vision of the hood.
Despite its dark instrumentals, MZ Bubblegum is written in a much more funny style. With his witty lyrics Gully Da Grench will probably put a happy grin on your face.
Discover Gully Da Grench ‘s specific style here.
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