Discover hip hop's new messiah: Edga Tha Messiah "Kayci"

Edga Tha Messiah hails from Washington City. With his loud sound background made of rhythmic drum and bass instrumentals, Edga knows how to make his voice a high resonance. His Shotz song is quite impressing with its echoed sounds while Edga reps with confidence. The swinging track combines catchy beats, a brilliant vocal performance, a funky spirit. Amerikka’s Illest will probably impress his listeners with his great knowledge and mastery of an original style of his own: Dungeon Funk.
Godfathers has some slight New Orlean accents with its numerous trumpets in the background.
Edga’s very dark and hypnotic voice might remind some of you of rap master Ice T. Be ready for an instrumental and vocal takeover. Let the rhythmic music invade your space and take you to a quirte ecstatic universe in which only true emotions do matter. The repetitive lyrics will enhance the passion for elevating rhyming skills and dope ass beats.
Oz is built on keyboard, violin sounds and disrupted vocals that will slowly lead the listener to an organized chaos. There is a certain magic in handling the complexity of the song. Follow the author in a dark universe where destiny, reality, magic and fantasy are deeply interconnected.
Edga’s style and music make an outstanding artist of him. His unique sounds, the way he combines vocal performances with a good rhythmic mastery of his instrumentals will probably increase your curiosity. Check him out here.
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