When your mind cries out for peace, grant yourself a true moment of relaxation…

Sometimes, in our busy daily life, we seem to fully forget about the warning signs of an overstressed body and mind. We may feel tired, unable to cope with the great amount of problems and the floods of demands from our external world.
We definitely need to watch out for the negative vibrations that are surrounding our mind and find an efficient way to get rid of them, because if we don’t, this negativity and feelings of anguish will totally eat us out. That’s why any of us should switch off the channel of stress-at least for a few hours.
No matter how huge your problems are, no matter how unsolvable your problems seem to be at the moment, please try to walk away from what is causing your mind to feel totally stressed out.
Grant yourself a true moment of peace. It could be a long walk through the City, sitting at one of those charming Cafes’ -possibly while listening to two gifted street musicians playing the guitar and some soft jazzy saxophone notes while driking a cup of coffee.
Make youself comfortable enough to feel in a chill out atmosphere…The French may call it art de vivre while the Germans may sum it up with the notion of Gemütlichkeit, no matter how you define that notion of comfort, let yourself live out the moment…breathe deeply and enjoy watching unknown people walking through the street.
Be at peace with yourself and the world.
While every day stress is killing you little by little and is making you feel depressed, a true moment of relaxation will make you feel better than ever and help you to overcome difficult life situation.
Life is too short…always remember to enjoy life and to break bad stressing habits!
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

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  1. When THOUGHT realises that whatever it does, any movement that it makes is DISORDER, then there is SILENCE. Have you been through the THE LONG DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL?

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