Jewlybonz, representing Richmond, Virginia

Jewlybonz comes up with an original style that is enhanced with some Southern accents.
In A Hustlaz Dream, enriched with some soft female vocals and a light reggae instrumental background, Jewlybonz is taking over, crowing himself as number One, lyrically stabbing with his sharp and offensive words. Jellybonz knows how to captivate his listeners and to heat up the atmosphere. A nice flow delivery also belongs to his main assets.
What You Like Ma is built on a dark instrumental background that is softened by some violin sounds. Again, Jewlybonz words pour out like torrential rain, powerfully overflooding his listeners ears. Feel the atmopshere of the hood and the overheated atmopshere of the club song. No doubt you will like it from the outlaw who makes his own rules.
Caesar starts with a powerful orchestral violin background that is followed by keyboard sounds. The song introduces you into a world in which power definitely matters. The song, that is originally dedicated to Caesar, the leader of the leaders, introduces you into the powerful mind of a man who rides for the hood.
Jewlybonz presents himself as an OG with some obvious rapping skills. You will like him-if you like Dirty South influences.
More about Jewlybonz can be found here.
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