Eminem and Ex drop charges against wannabe (Contact Music)

Hip-hop superstar EMINEM has vowed not to press charges against an 18-year-old wannabe rapper who phoned him after stealing his number from his ex-wife Kim. Kyle Spratt was fired from his job at a bingo hall in Ontario, Canada after snatching Kim Mathers’ cellphone when she visited there last month (May07). He used the phone to get Eminem and rapper Obie Trice’s personal numbers. He then called the Slim Shady star – real name Marshall Mathers III – in a bid to get his demo heard. Spratt says, “I’m just really desperate to get my music heard. I’m not having a good life… and I feel that my music could really help me if I really made it. “He (Eminem) was a real asshole. He pretended it was wasn’t him, and he did a fake voice.” When Detroit Police called him, warning him to stop harassing the rapper, Spratt taped the conversation and sampled it on a new track he created, called Slim Shady is a Sellout, slamming Eminem. Police in Ontario then contacted Spratt, amid fears that he had threatened the Mathers’ that he would post pictures of their children on the internet – but when cops failed to find any such snaps the ex-couple agreed not to press charges. Spratt’s track has since been removed from the internet.

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  1. Kim is now pressing charges…he went to court today…he’s not allowed to use a computer or cell phone…he has another court date on June 26th to decide his fate…

  2. So where wil charges be heard, will Kim have to appear? What the hell was she doing in Windsor??

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