Pushing hypocrisy to the limits…

Ray Benzino, known as the former co-owner of the Source magazine, recently stated about Eminem:
““I think if me and Eminem ever got together, it would not only be big for hip-hop, it would be big for society.We have a long way to go and I think he can be a very important voice to make that happen. If it was to ever happen, I’d be with it.” …
His sudden changes of heart towards a man he has spent nearly four years to fully hate seems to hide a masked jealousy and deep personal ambitions.
If we consider that the same man defined Marshall Mathers as a “creme de la creme emcee” in his unsigned hype article in 1999 suddenly went from the deepest admiration for the emcee s lyrical skills to a dark hatred, we could ask what his motivations actually are.
In 2003, Benzino s clear goal was to ruin Eminem s career, presenting him as a big racist in front of the public s eye and as a menace to the purity of hip hop, as a white member of the hip hop community. As if Eminem s whiteness really mattered in terms of talent.
It looks like the pitiful, second (or should I say third class) rapper, seems to act like a cameleon.
Not only is the man totally deprived of any real rapping talent, he is also very unhappy with other people s fame and success.
As Eminem sarcastically pointed it out in 2003, Benzino is not even gifted for bullying. His desperate discrimination campaign against Eminem fully defines him as a desperate attention freak.
Shady will definitely have the last laugh in this affair.
Copyright2007 by Isabelle Esling
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